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File: Doubt_v01_121.png (245 KB, 831x1200)
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New chapter... Fuck yea
This chapters must know information
> Main guy has no barcode
> barcodes open doors
> rebel guy is locked up alone
> tits is probably the next victem
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I'm sticking with my prediction
I don't know why, but I kinda agree with this.
This is basically 10 Little Niggers anime style?
strange why hasn't everyone pinned it on the disabled loli, sort of obvious since she used to hypnotize people. though that wouldn't be enough of a twist. since it's usually the weakest person.
my vote for who will get killed mistakingly would be the loli. for that is a twist.
you know what? i bet the guy with the rabbit mask on the last page is rebelguy, and he's dead.
They should pull a WHAT A TWIST my making the first death the killer, killed by the second guy, and the second death an accident.

from there everyone suspects each other and they kill each other.
Going by the standard murder plot. It is
a) someone who already died
b) a new character still not shown
c) the butler
no shit
My prediction. A WTF moment something like 10 people were invited but only 9 are here. Then everyone goes oh so the 10th person must be the killer. But the killer already killed one of the original nine and took his place.
lets see

in the art on the cover she has the same mask as the killer.
She appears to be the most sane of the people in the situation.
Her reaction to crucified loli was not very genuine.
breast envy.
Loli is cuter then her envy.

they already did that with the glasses guy
First chapter was promising, but uh... somehow I'm not too interested after reading 2 and 3. I think it got too stupid.

Rabbit at the end of c3 will probably be Eiji (the guy who was locked).
I'm glad that his drawing skill is growing up than when he was doing Himatsubushi-hen.
Didn't Mitsuki say that her father was a policeman? I bet the two of them set this up

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