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I am unwittingly drifted into lusting over lolis by indulging in this show, I want to lick those luscious legs so bad man. I would take tremendous delight in serving this epitome of perfection. Also i would like to see how fucked up of a taste you bear if you do not love this glowing gem.
Go back to facebook with you're shitty jpg artifact facebook filename image.
>I want
>I would
>Would you
Jesus Christ. /a/ is easily one of the worst boards on this whole site. Even fucking /tv/ and /co/ are better. How many threads do you need? Isn't there another very similar thread without any meaningful discussion about Sekai Seifuku?
File: Eye.jpg (8.90 KB, 299x168)
8.90 KB
8.90 KB JPG
>Jesus Christ
Aren't you a minion of the church?
Say what you want about /a/ but at least realize OP is some undesirable from facebook who somehow took a wrong turn and created a shit thread with an even shitter image.

Also if you don't think the thread is worth bumping there is this neat feature called sage please use it!
File: foreverabitch.png (24.79 KB, 325x306)
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24.79 KB PNG
Le Samefag praising his own nitwitted statements.
No, but you're certainly a fucking moron. There are 4 Sekai Seifuku threads. Not a single one is about the damn show.
The show itself is a hell of a lackluster. Lolis subjected to sexualization is pretty much all what the anime is trying to convey as a... Wait.
I know it's bait but
>nitwitted statements
Just checking but OP's filename is a facebook one right?
Nonsense. It's a fun, unique show for people with taste.
But it's not only about this show. It's about the way people make threads on /a/. I honestly believe that most people here are huge casuals not really interested in anime and manga.
Well, 4 threads are emphasizing how acclaimed the show is, and it does not come as a surprise if 4chan community rank among the show's fanbase. You know what i mean.
Beats me, I got it from a casual faggot who is a tryhardotakuwannabe. He probably got that image from facebook, why are you so nitpicking /a/.
Yes, and every single one is about blogging, shitposting or how sexy is Kate.
So technically people don't even care about the show, just erotic fanart and similar shit.
Well, is there anything intresting to point out of this show aside from sexualized sluts ? If so, can you impart your perspective regarding the anime, might cause me to have them giggles.

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