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I am unwittingly drifted into lusting over lolis by indulging in this show, I want to lick those luscious legs so bad man. I would take tremendous delight in serving this epitome of perfection. Also i would like to see how fucked up of a taste you bear if you do not love this glowing gem.
Go back to facebook with you're shitty jpg artifact facebook filename image.
>I want
>I would
>Would you
Jesus Christ. /a/ is easily one of the worst boards on this whole site. Even fucking /tv/ and /co/ are better. How many threads do you need? Isn't there another very similar thread without any meaningful discussion about Sekai Seifuku?
File: Eye.jpg (8.90 KB, 299x168)
8.90 KB
8.90 KB JPG
>Jesus Christ
Aren't you a minion of the church?
Say what you want about /a/ but at least realize OP is some undesirable from facebook who somehow took a wrong turn and created a shit thread with an even shitter image.

Also if you don't think the thread is worth bumping there is this neat feature called sage please use it!
File: foreverabitch.png (24.79 KB, 325x306)
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24.79 KB PNG
Le Samefag praising his own nitwitted statements.
No, but you're certainly a fucking moron. There are 4 Sekai Seifuku threads. Not a single one is about the damn show.
The show itself is a hell of a lackluster. Lolis subjected to sexualization is pretty much all what the anime is trying to convey as a... Wait.
I know it's bait but
>nitwitted statements
Just checking but OP's filename is a facebook one right?
Nonsense. It's a fun, unique show for people with taste.
But it's not only about this show. It's about the way people make threads on /a/. I honestly believe that most people here are huge casuals not really interested in anime and manga.
Well, 4 threads are emphasizing how acclaimed the show is, and it does not come as a surprise if 4chan community rank among the show's fanbase. You know what i mean.
Beats me, I got it from a casual faggot who is a tryhardotakuwannabe. He probably got that image from facebook, why are you so nitpicking /a/.
Yes, and every single one is about blogging, shitposting or how sexy is Kate.
So technically people don't even care about the show, just erotic fanart and similar shit.
File: téléchargement (2).jpg (7.34 KB, 236x213)
7.34 KB
7.34 KB JPG
Well, is there anything intresting to point out of this show aside from sexualized sluts ? If so, can you impart your perspective regarding the anime, might cause me to have them giggles.

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