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You're in charge of remaking Bleach from the ground up. You're granted complete creative freedom and can change anything you want besides the setting and major characters. How would you do it?
Probably make it 2deep4u
I'd probably do the opposite and make it completely over-the-top with ridiculous Zanpaktou powers and self-awareness. Maybe a bit like Jojo.
bring back aizen
Take away ALL the backgrounds.
give him time. Aizen will be back soon enough
Oh that's perfect, I'll end the current arc, make Volderich Quincy Leader's power be Stairway to Heaven from Jojo, restart the universe, new series starts.
Bleach Powder (a sequel to Zombie Powder)
Leave it as the slice of life it was at the beginning. Just Ichigo and Rukia bumming around Karakura Town hunting Hollows. Chad gets powers, doesn't get turned into a Worf and is Ichigo's number two. Orihime gets no powers. Uryu plays the same role as in the actual story.

Other shinigami would be introduced but they wouldn't steal the show. Central focus would still be on the Karakura gang.

Or we could just bring back Aizen. That works too.
In this alternate universe, Aizen shows up with a water-based Zanpaktou but is killed. Afterwards, another alternative universe Aizen shows up with Kyoka Suigetsu and serves as the final boss of the arc.
Prevent it from being written.
Leave everything the same up till Before rukia is kidnapped.

The hollows are both humans that become monsters from staying around in the human world too long and infected by other hollows.

Hollows are attracted to humans with large amounts of spiritual talent or energy and don't oft attack them unless they are near death and want to eat them.

The infected humans who survive their near death and a hollow attack/infection become fullbringers or they live short pained lives before they become hollow humans and then full hollow.

The naturally spiratually strong become mediums who can sense spirits and fight against spirits and hollows. Like kinnoji. The quincies instead of being part of a god are instead humans who banded together and created an order/religion around battling hollows and other evil spirits.

Ichigo his sister are powerful natural mediums. Orihime also has spiritual powers she oft uses without knowing, low level clariovoyance accidentallyt healing people without knowing it.
Chad is basically monstrously strong and is actually a fullbringer from the start but doesn't know how to access his power.
Uryu is still a quincy, one of the few left in japan after they lost the war with the shinigami over the fate of humanity. He's still only moderately powerful and a total wimp by even lowlevel quincy standards.

The reason karakura town is so important is because it is both one of the places where the boundaries between the spiritworlds and the living worlds are weakest meaning that hollow infestations/infections are rampant. Which is why those places have talented and trustworth shinigamis watching over them. But unlike those other places, karakura town is different.

>keep starrk alive
>give kenpachi some depth
>make all the lieutenants fight
>give characters back story more then 2 chapters before they die
Never goes to SS. Never. Maybe an officer or two comes every now and then but it remains a slice of life monster of the week. More classmates get abilities, some of the gangsters Ichigo fights get some too, and because of the early explanation that Ichigo is seeping in energy, it means the Hollows start getting stronger too, because they feed on it as well. A gradual power creep, maybe a school festival type arc, etc. Keep it simple and not retarded.
>Aizen is a woman.

Only change needed.
A certain occurence happnened there that permanently weakened the the boundaries between worlds and left it as a wide gaping hole. One that has been slowly healing for centuries and one day will be healed. But till then the place is drenched with spiritual phenomenon and raw reishi

Which seemed to be the reason that urahara lives there.

Ichigo still meets rukia and things happen exactly the same, except ichigo protects his sisters by taking a huge slice from the hollow that was attacking them.
Rukia trys to help him by using her zanpaktou to exercise the hollow but it's spreading so quickly and taking him over so completely that she does something unthinkable something that will get her executed.
She tries to share her shinigami powers with him but something went wrong and he absorbs all of it, and a bit of something else, leaving her nearly dead and barely conscious,
At this point he is in his original shinigami costume.

Everything continues as normal except orihime nearly dies when her hollowfied brother attacks her and tats. By curing her he accidentally shares some of his hollow power with her and that certain thing awakens her powers. Making her some odd fullbring shinigami medium fusion. She begins to see ghosts as well and she joins up with ichigo and rukia in their hollow hunting shenanigans.

Chad? He's always been a fullbring, explains why he's so inhumanly strong and bounces back from things like being hit by a car and the like so easily. It manifesting into something useful like the giants arm doesn't come till he's in serious need and fighting against a hollow. More like his powers sensed not his need to be protected but prey to be defeated and devoured. Something he'll deal with through out the series and it comes to a head when urahara reveals that when he dies he'll become a hollow, maybe even an adjuchas class.

Things continue as is till they meet up with uryu who knows exactly what's going on.

Everyone starts calling Aizen a Mary Sue

-No Orihime
-Eliminate all extraneous side characters
-Flesh out Aizen's plan and possible motivations
-More character exposition
He also want's to take revenge against the shinigami and doesn't really care that he's helped kill some of the hollow that he's been destroying his entire life. They fight, a lot.

SS is then informed of a massive hollow outbreak and they send in a lieutenant level shinigami to help deal with it. And he's fucking amazed when he sees a single unknown seemingly lowlevel shinigami with a huge crazy looking zanpaktou slice through a goddamned menos with one single slice of his sword.

Cue SS watching the dealings closely till someone realizes that rukia doesn't have any spiritual powers to speak of and lets it slip to bakuya what went on.

Cue SS arc. But it's a bit different. SS isn't just that one place, it's a large island floating in eternity and they are chained to other even larger islands, the place is just a rest stop for souls that are far too powerful and attached to the world to go on to the cycle of souls and are far too dangerous to be left wandering the living world where they could become food for or even a powerful hollow themselves.

They live out a life that mimics the world of the living, because, that's honestly all they know.
Make it a Slice of Life.

Have ichigo lose control. become full on bad guy hollow dude. He then proceeded to rape then eat orihime , shit her out then eat her again for 200 episodes.
It's about 100 chapters and stays set in Karakura Town. Aizen is introduced much earlier and his role is fused with Urahara's.

Early part is mostly the same, but eventually Ichigo seeks out Aizen for training once he encounters a super powerful hollow that badly injures several of his friends and one of his sisters. Aizen, of course, was the mastermind behind this creature and his "training" involves corrupting Ichigo's shinigami powers by implanting a hollow within him. The more Ichigo relied on the new powers Aizen had unlocked, the stronger the hollow's influence became, until Ichigo found himself losing control of his powers in the midst of battle, growing insensible with rage.

Rukia suspects Aizen and manages to uncover his actual identity, but it is already too late: Ichigo had grown desperate to control his powers so turned to the one person who seemed to know anything about them: Aizen. This was all according to Keikaku. Aizen had used Ichigo as a kind of host for the immature shinigami/hollow power, and once Ichigo brought it to maturity through constant battles (orchestrated by Aizen of course), he ripped this power from him and implanted it in himself.

Ichigo is apparently powerless, but Rukia reminds him that the powers he'd wielded were actually her powers, not his own, he still had untapped power. Rukia enables his own transformation into Shinigami (which involves killing him and giving up his humanity), and Ichigo defeats Aizen, and becomes a shinigami. End
Have a subplot about a terrorist group linked to all the hollow attacks and damage. You're left wondering if Ichigo has become deluded because of attacks that affect himself and his friends psychologically scarring him, if they are the terrorists, or if they really are all spiritual mediums going to the afterlife. Would fit in quite nicely for a series that started in 2001
Call it Busou Renkin
Ichigo also loses "his" shinigami powers and he's begining to be taken over by the hollow infection, something that both renji and byakyuya are taken aback by. His eyes go black and the hollow starts to take him over and he's beginnign to die.

Orihime and Chad are sent there by Urahara and they manage to protect and stop Ichigo from hurting himself Uryu who was watching and waiting in the shadows takes a shot at renji and nearly takes his head off.

They leave him to die with Rukia almost screaming to go back, til Byakuya gives her the this bullshit is over look and they go through the portal.

Urahara gets there and stuff ends there. He wakes up in the under ground exercise room with him sealed to the wall, back in his normal body.
Chad and Orihime are unconscious. Cue meeting the rest of the uraharas family. They all tell him about what happened and how the hollow infection went out of control and he can't leave his body again or risk becoming a hollow and being consumed completely. Then they try to help clense it and reawaken his natural shinigami powers. The ones that are keeping him from being consumed while in his human body.
The powers that rukia awakened in him.
Cue the training sequence and funny shit. His friends also train and uryu leaves to learn the true secret behind the quincy and why they had that bloody centuries long war against those shinigami and also train with the last and most powerful quincy still alive his father.

At the end he finds what he believes is the true representation of his zanpaktou, the butchers knife that is his perma shikai weapon. In his inner world he battles against the white hollow and defeats him, thinking he was subduing the hollow powers and not fully understanding the truth of his own true power.
That he's only ever fought with the pseudo shinigami power and his own pure spiritual power.
I would not change a thing.

I am not talented enough to improve it. I'd only make it worse.
So Naruto where Orochimaru's plan succeeds
Make it into a yaoi
Make chad and orihime more relevant. Have yamamoto and aizen go bankai and let them have
all out battle in fkt.
Have SHAFT do the artistic frames, and change it so all the characters are related, and they work for kyubey now.
Get rid of the power levels and would have done more at the beginning with Ichigo going around taking down hollows before MUH kidnapping Rukia arc! That is when shit went downhill.
oh, and everyone is moe, SOL, and add in an incest subplot because those are popular nowadays.

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