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File: sing.jpg (43.48 KB, 500x500)
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ITT We chose a song to sing,
ITT We all sing
ITT We revive singing in /a/
Join me.
we need someone edit too.
Nothing will ever top psycho feels
No, fuck you
This "Me TOO!" bullshit is at the root of every terrible thing that happens to this site.
I agree so hard.

>Someone makes a pixel gif of someone's waifu
>weekly threads for insert waifu recieve pixelated waifu!

>Someone makes a photomosaic of their waifu made out of pictures of their waifu
>Weekly mosaic threads and they don't even make the pictures from pictures of the characer

>Someone who just discovered paint.net puts a swirly filter on a gif and gets some laughs from anons
>Weekly insert image get swirl image threads

>Eva has a great thread asking people who've never seen it to describe the plot
>now that shit's getting copied too
/a/ says Decadence.
That's it, just a bunch of anons saying "Oh, decadence".
File: 6pbcj.jpg (60.21 KB, 480x548)
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60.21 KB JPG
ITT, OP is a fucking retard.
>we need someone to edit
Then why the fuck did you make this thread? What do you contribute? If you can't even do that then don't make the thread.
Anyone got a link to the youtube video of /a/ singing the outro to Joshiraku?
File: 1341070824112.jpg (74.56 KB, 1024x576)
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74.56 KB JPG
Lets do fukkireta, uum uum!

siktir /a/ dan oruspu cocugu
/a/ sings is dead

First /a/ sings I participated in.

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