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Dear God, this is one of the worst anime I have ever seen. It is so boring and stupid. The animation and drawings look all old and shitty, the characters are boring and have too many annoying problems, Shinji is too whiny, the show tries too hard to be edgy and depressing, the story is okay when it is just Angels vs. Eva's, but then they try to complicate it and it doesn't really make any sense at all. It gets stupid later on, too. They should have just left it like how it was in the early episodes. And on top of all this, the ending sucks. I expected something cool with all the tension building up, but no. Instead of some cool epic big final fight or something, we get some shitty character study, with "hurr durr why do i exist, i am so sad hurr durr durr." How does anyone like this shit?
simply epik
I don't know if you meant that, but it left me astonished.
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OP is a major plebian faglord
Let me tell you a thing about shitposting, son...
Because it's babby's first existentialism and sci-fi exposure.
What a horrible night to be on /a/.

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