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didn't expect it this early
another life fiber puppet.
>why are you posting SPOILERS
This fight is far from over yet.
Fucking Junketsu man

>All I ever do is help her out and power her up but then I get pinned to a wall afterwards
>Man I'm hungr-
>Holy shit she actually did it, didn't think she'd have the balls
>Wow that's alot of blood
>Speaking of which, Satsuki? Hey Satsuki mind if I have some blood?
>I know you can hear me we're linked through fate and magic and shit.
>Bet Senketsu doesn't have to deal with this
That or the life fibers she's obviously wearing will heal her up.
How does that work?
Aw fuck she's still alive
That was just...what.
I like that they made her look hideous just in time to have her be brutally murdered. I don't like seeing hot chicks get killed. I'm looking at you, Code Geass.
fucking nigma
Are you joking? Most people were expecting Satsuki's betrayal the moment Nui showed up. I'm just glad it happened now and not in the last couple of episodes. Though Ryuko's probably still going to be a moron and go after Satsuki for a while.
Youve seen too few anime then, the "she is actually not evil" twist was obvious since 14 or 15 episodes ago.
Betrayal, yes some thought about it despite her shocking display of submission towards her mother. But to stab her trying to kill her, nobody.
they were implanted into her body by Nui. Nui is a shape shifting alien tailor. I have no idea
>yfw Junketsu is female

SenketsuXJunketsu is my OTP.
You know, people could just avoid spoilers in the OP's pic, at least for the day the episode comes out. It doesn't require a big effort and allows anons that haven't seen it yet to browse the catalog.

But keep being a faggot if you want.

uh i think OP also expected it to happen but wasn't expecting it to happen this soon

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