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I just finished the television series of Princess Jellyfish, and it really seemed rushed in the last two episodes. It really could have used a second season to figure things out. The hotel gets saved at the last minute sort of just because, which is OK I guess, but none of the character relationships ever get resolved in a satisfactory way.

I found out there are OVAs, and I guess I'm going to watch them anyway, but do they actually do anything to fix the shitty ending of the show, or are do they just continue to wank around with the premise?

Also, the ED was pretty good I guess:
So you actually WANT an anime original ending or something?

The manga is ongoing.
>The manga is ongoing.

I did not know that.

Why do they do this? I DON'T want an anime original ending, but it sucks to get into a show that you don't know is open ended. It's a giant cock tease.
...why are you blaming anyone but yourself for being uninformed? It's your own damn fault for having unrealistic expectations.

Or are you actually THAT new to anime that you think the idea of only adapting finished works seems realistic to you?
didn't this show flop
Might have driven manga sales though.

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