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Do you ever start an anime series just to hear your favorite voice actors? Whether you drop it or not?
Well I'm watching Fairy Tail now and then, guess for whom?
Every time. That's how I pick good anime.
sometimes, yes
I started Utapri for Miyuki Sawashiro and Wakamoto, and I loved it no homo.
I don't know if i should watch bodacious pirates or not, only for hearing delicious Chiaki Omigawa.
You should, it's fun.
But don't expect pirates doing pirate things.
That's why Nourin and SYD are my best shows this season.
I started Samunenco partially for Sugitan

But I don't even mind that he doesn't get much of any screentime anymore
File: IT WAS INEVITABLE.jpg (227.71 KB, 1280x720)
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I started Nobunaga the Fool for Miyano, and everything about Nobu is why I'm staying with the show for now.
I started it for Sakurai Takahiro and I literally fell asleep halfway through the first episode
File: Kayanon.jpg (567.09 KB, 960x1390)
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I've only dropped Freezing (she was in for only a few episodes), but I haven't started a lot of past shows she was in either.
I watched both seasons of Hellsing just to hear Crispin Freemon's voice.
I'm planning to watch all of Inuyasha one day just because Yukino Satsuki voices the protagonist.

But not today.
Mizuki Nana and Miyano was the deciding factor that made me watch Valvrave, too bad they didn't get any screentime
also Miyano made me watch Free, no screentime there either
Which would you rather?
>A great series that has no VAs you like and has some that you hate (If you hate any of them at all).
>A shit series that has all your favorite VAs.
Dog Days, for everyone
no really that show was just a massive voice acting circlejerk
I'll usually at least check out shows that include FukuJun.

First option. I don't think I have any VAs I particularly dislike. If I really dislike a show though, VAs alone aren't enough to keep me watching.
Sakura Trick, for tomato.
File: Sasha.png (228.61 KB, 640x645)
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I've been trying to watch shows with Yu Kobayashi recently.
Mai Nakahara
Too bad the old english voice actor for chie was replaced.
Before people whine about sub>dub I'm used to the persona dubs since I played them without the undub.
File: uYuLdFN.jpg (192.58 KB, 594x443)
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Got stuck into Zetsuen no Tempest because of mai godesu Sawashiro Miyuki. Thought it'd turn pretty faggy, considering MC, but it ended up winning harder than any other show that year.
Nope, it's shit.

Great taste in voices though.
Marina Inoue has made me attempt to get into Wizard Barristers and Yahari Ore no Seishun Rabu Kome wa Machigatteiru, both of which are shit and dodn't even have enough of her.

Even though she does her bossu voice for Laura in IS, I already know that's shit, so I have to resort to youtube clips for my wagh.

ALSO: Nice rec thread, fag.
>rec thread
You are retarded
Why reply in the first place?
I watched fairy musketeers because of yukari tamura, rie kugimiya and miyuki sawashiro.

Calling it out as such isn't always an indication of disapproval.
File: 1388546004630.jpg (258.22 KB, 1920x1080)
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I watched Meganaebu just becuase the guy who voices this nigga voices Akira.

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