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Just caught up on this, stopped reading when the anime was airing.

God, this is such a fucking mess. On one hand, I still really do like almost all of the characters, hell, even Hato can be bearable as long as he sticks to his own business and doesn't interact with the Genshiken, but on the other I'm just... tired of this whole bullshit. It's been dragging on and on and it seems it's going to still be a while until Madarame finally fucks someone. And by someone I mean the prostitute, other girls/traps are pretty much out of the running by now.

Anyone still reading this?
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At least Ogiue is still delicious.
>Anyone still reading this?

Guess not.

Well, I can see why.
why did author even continue with the series?
madarome is like me IRL but he actually has friends. I would be disappointed if he fucks someone who is not a prostitute. nice things don't happen in real life. I want suffering, not a comfort zone.
In one of the recent chapters there were author's comments talking about the interviews he did somewhere that explained his motivations for making Nidaime, but I doubt those are translated or available online.
But Hato will win!!!
Hato will get together with Kucchi in the end.
Uh, I didn't mean literal prostitute, I was talking about Keiko.
Sure, still reading.
You could even say I like it more than ever.
>You could even say I like it more than ever.
Mind elaborating why? The only reason I can see why someone would like this more than the original run is because Sasahara isn't there for the most part.
New chapter when?
I think it's the same as it ever was. The superficial has changed, but the themes behind the series are the same.
'like more than the original run' isn't really my mindset with the series.

What happened in the original still exists. Nidaime just continues on. I don't feel what Nidamie does subtracts from the original but rather adds to it. It feels like a whole rather than two parts to me.

It's not better, it's not worse. The quality of writing is still good, I find it very comprehensible but I'll admit that the theme has shifted.

Though Sasahara really wasn't a character I was particular fond of but the subject matter of him wanting to find a place to belong was inherited by Hato's character (and many of the other characters).

I actually think it can be pretty deep if you let it be.
Not really.

The pacing is completely different, the original series was really well paced. We got what, six volumes of nothing happening so far? And the entire fucking first series was over in nine volumes.

Not to mention the stuff outside of the meandering "romance" is completely lacking, there's Hato's adventures with BL and... pretty much nothing else.
A lot of things have happened.

Genshiken has always had two major themes - the first is reconciling yourself as a person with yourself as an otaku, and the second is to take things that happen in anime and put a coat of reality on them.
That stuff is just as strong in this half of the series as it was the first.
I ain't saying the theme's changed, I'm saying the execution is much worse.
Huh? Speak for yourself there. It isn't a mess at all, it is still essentially the same as it always has been. The characters changed, but the themes are the same, and the execution is the same. Hell, the new characters are even getting better development than some of the old ones. I really can't understand people who complain about Nidaime, I think they never eve understood what Genshiken was about in the first place, honestly. What Genshiken has always done is focus on a particular character, and develop them, and have them face whatever individual issues they have, with various niches of otaku culture as a backdrop. It has covered Sasahara, Ohno, Ogiue, and it is covering Hato and Madarame now. And on the way it has examined Figures, Models, Hentai, Anime, Manga, and now it addressing BL and potentially the harem trope. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it has somehow changed or became worse. Additionally, it is exactly the mangaka's style to take a character that seems like a joke character and develop them into a legitimate one, as is the case with Hato, and Sue in Nidaime.

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