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To think there are people in the world who didn't see this through to the end. That ending was perfection itself.
>finally become human
>demon trolled you and made your body weak as hell
>get killed again
Third season had a better ending.
>people actually think like this
What do you think of Frasier?
Ema sacrificing herself for a good girl before demon could trap her>Ema having to relive her death.
>any season
>a good ending
They should've just stuck with the "case of the week" formula.
If you think of it that way, yes. But if you look at it from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint, the Big Boss wanted the problems in Lovely Hills to end as much as everyone else, and provided them with a Jesus figure, whose death would force them to their senses and realize what they've done. Why does every show always turn out to be a loose Bible paraphrase?
You reminded me that I have been planning to rewatch it for God knows how long. It was thanks to this show I grew to love Mamiko Noto's voice.
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I so much want to hate this one, but it's not possible.

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