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ITT: Absurd LN titles
I was a Demon King, but then I was teleported to human world and I now have to work?!
There's a whole twitter for that

It's absurd because it's so fucking short for a LN title. Anime adaptation also announced.
File: IMAG0546.jpg (809.16 KB, 2560x1440)
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Left: "Anti-Magic Academy - The 35th test Platoon". A shameless ripoff of The 8th MS Team

Middle: "I got abducted into an all-girls high to be used as a test experiment". MC is Nick Cage

Right: "Absolute dom-Shoujo" Self Explanatory
File: IMAG0549.jpg (761.24 KB, 2560x1440)
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>My MMO transformed into a highschool romcom.
File: IMAG0562.jpg (1000.24 KB, 2560x1440)
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Self explanatory
File: IMAG0573.jpg (1.05 MB, 1440x2560)
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Tagline: It's as good as "Sword Art Online"
Some of these translations are pretty bad though
what's the middle one called in kana?
>Absurd title
Not quite.

I hope you meant in Jap. 俺がお嬢様学校に「庶民サンプル」として拉致られた件

This sounds interesting.

My guess its some guy plays some kind of mmo, and then the girl characters from the game somehow wind up at his high school.

How close am I?
File: 1373114685646.jpg (129.04 KB, 1024x938)
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I swear to god, all these titles and character designs look started looking all the same to me. When did it happen to me?
Because people copy existing poses and it's kinda hard to make up new ones
Why the fuck don't these have adaptations yet?
A lot of these aren't worth adaptions and some wouldn't work as adaptions.
Is Nisio Isin the only LN author whose titles are not absurdly long?
>My little sister can read kanj

hahaha it hurts
There's more LNs with short titles than long ones.

/a/ just only talks about the ones with long titles because muh autism.
>When my little sister reached her rebellious phase, I compelled her with the power of Satan.

Must read
File: 54324732094.jpg (290.85 KB, 364x517)
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Can't wait until this masterpiece get's an anime.
>I couldn't think of an absurdly long title for my light novel so I debuted as a artist-author brother-sister mangaka duo that specializes in ecchi in JUMP.

Narita has punchy one word titles
>Toradora 2.0
I don't even dislike it, but to call it a masterpiece is retarded.
>My Girlfriend's the President!?
My little sister can't believe these shitty threads keep getting posted and that she can't read kanji!?
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Putin's the best.

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