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Your waifu's favorite music is rap and she wants to embrace black culture. This means she wants to twerk for you. How do you react?
>you will never get funky with your waifu
I'd tell her to go to the club if she wants to twerk it, maybe she can come home with a couple of black men.
File: 1390462044837.jpg (10.08 KB, 164x155)
10.08 KB
10.08 KB JPG
>Your waifu's favorite music is rap and she wants to embrace black culture.
My favourite music is rap too and my favourite artist DJ Screw. Yet I don't like black culture or black people.

You are pretty prejudiced, OP.
Neat Japanese girls are only into robot sex unless its a scripted porno segment in which they're a robot trying to emulate an actual sex sequence some jungle fever added into the mix would add some great sex
File: tommy shades.gif (356.37 KB, 300x225)
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356.37 KB GIF
I'd be down for her to do that
File: 1383797107160.png (2.17 MB, 1920x1080)
2.17 MB
2.17 MB PNG
It would probably be fun, I don't care as long as she's not fucking too many niggers.
You're waifus pussy would be ruptured by the PTBD she would no longer be yours
I call her a degenerate.
File: 1372291176331.gif (568.97 KB, 460x294)
568.97 KB
568.97 KB GIF
How long can Chen twerk her honkdonkadonk?
>Your waifu's favorite music is rap
That's good, I enjoy some NWA, Wu-Tang, Nas etc.
>she wants to embrace black culture.
Fucking dumped
File: 1391617731691.jpg (196.88 KB, 800x1178)
196.88 KB
196.88 KB JPG
She's in middle school, it's probably only a phase
I divorce her.
File: 1337802423530.gif (1.49 MB, 405x240)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB GIF
>Not wanting your waifu to twerk her deliciu ass for you
I don't think she's one to do that, though I definitely wouldn't mind if she did.

But my waifus not mugi
schoolgirl in concrete
File: 1391469503905.jpg (221.28 KB, 1920x1080)
221.28 KB
221.28 KB JPG
You come home and find your waifu in the bed with MC Ride. What do you do?

I tell her to check her privilege and to stop appropriating Africa's rich, superior culture.
File: 1362292018827.png (938.57 KB, 3520x2977)
938.57 KB
938.57 KB PNG
I'd punch him the fuck out.

He has a butterface, I doubt he's ever been in a real fight before anyways, he'd be fighting on pride, not actual strength. I would have the power of love on my side.

I watch enough anime to know when I could win a fight. My waifu's pride will not be tainted any longer then it already has.
File: 43.jpg (139.81 KB, 700x600)
139.81 KB
139.81 KB JPG
Yeah sure, she can twerk all over my face.
You'd get your shit kicked in and your waifu would leave you :^)
I'm all for some grindin' on my dick.
File: 1254431298811_f.jpg (47.84 KB, 365x500)
47.84 KB
47.84 KB JPG
>I'd punch him the fuck out
Tell him that No Love Deep Web was their shittiest album yet.

That's OK. I enjoy rap. I mostly tune out lyrics anyway so rap is just beats and so very enjoyable. The ones that I do listen to are masters of comedy as well as have excellent producers so my waifu and I can enjoy the rap together.

>and she wants to embrace black culture

As long as its just twerking its fine.
Why is twerking considered black culture?

It was invented by teenage white girls, and embraced by men everywhere
>my waifu has a fat, shapely ass
Oh god yes, my body is ready
File: image.jpg (336.87 KB, 768x2318)
336.87 KB
336.87 KB JPG
>C.C. Twerking
Awwww hell ya nigga
I drop her faster than I dropped Infinite Stratos.
File: rustled.jpg (8.48 KB, 52x55)
8.48 KB
8.48 KB JPG
I'd leave her and find a new seasonal waifu.
File: 1377621861449.jpg (473.89 KB, 1134x1132)
473.89 KB
473.89 KB JPG
>my waifu twerking
Twerking sucks, it's not even sexy. Buttseizures, that's what they are.
File: george its me.png (31.21 KB, 577x523)
31.21 KB
31.21 KB PNG
none of your wifeys have arses
File: 1367599558558.jpg (710.97 KB, 1200x811)
710.97 KB
710.97 KB JPG
that'd be nice :)
File: 1391728600906.jpg (8.91 KB, 250x250)
8.91 KB
8.91 KB JPG
No biscuits.

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