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>stilling thinking all dubs are shit
C'mon, /a/. I'm sure you guys aren't weabs so why?
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95% of the time, the dubs are not very good.
There's only a handful of series /a/ would agree have solid english dubbing, and even then it being better than the original VO is highly debatable.
I enjoyed the Cromartie dub, that's about it. Anything with female characters usually has terrible english VAs.
Because american dubbers don't take the job seriously/try as hard as the japs.
Now Latin dubbers, Venezuela/Mexico is great at dubbing shows (most of the shows they dub are shit though)
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2/10 made me respond
>95% of the time, the dubs are not very good.
This is true.
>blatant and unfounded racism intensifies.jpg
So which war did we stomp your asses in?
cowboy beebop
Meguga magiga
ghost in shell
any of the shit you watched in the 90s and have nostalgia goggles for
and probably a hand full others.
Now stop trying, it's not funny.
Who are you talking to...?
Ghost Stories
Britain stole our islands, nothing else. Well the dollar is raping our economy nowadays.
Truly the Jesus Christ of our time. It didn't only have a better voice cast, but they made the whole writing way better from the boring shit it was originally.
I'm not a native english speaker, your dubs a shit op.
Are you fucking kidding?

It's impossible to have a discussion in here of anime that have a dub out without retards going
>watching subs
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They are, but fives are not.
I tend to watch every kind of media on their original formats.

A dub is most likely the new VA's perspective of the former VA's perspective of what was intended, so it ends up with "propagated error", or rather, propagated distortion; especially since a big part of spoken communication is actually in voice tone and other elements.

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