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Gentlemen, I like Copy Pasta.
Gentlemen... I like Copy Pasta.
So go back to /b/
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Gentlemen, I like traps.
Gentlemen, I like traps.
Gentlemen! I love traps!

I like Mako-chan, I like Jun. I love Poison. I love the anticipation, I love the mystery. I love androgyny. I love traps. In pants, in dresses, in swimsuits, in shoujo, in shonen, in seinen, in eroges. I truly love each and every trap that graces the screen.

I like watching traps blush, as someone strokes their penis. When they lift their skirts and there's a bulge there, my heart dances.

I like it when a girl turns out to be a trap. It always leaves a warm feeling in my heart, to watch them and know there's a dick.

I recall how much it moved me, watching straight men admit to fapping to traps. And it's painfully exciting to watch those that fapped and then realized that it was a trap.

And how wonderful it is to hear them cry out and deny it. And when they question their sexuality afterwards, wondering and wondering. How sad it is. I like it when a man's heterosexuality is obliterated by a delicious trap.

GENTLEMEN, what I want is a trap like no other.
so do i.

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