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File: Lain.jpg (57 KB, 800x600)
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Worth it for the mindfuck?
You mean you haven't watched it yet?

Do it, faggot. Then move on to Texhnolyze.
What is this anime?
More like Mindrape.

Lain is awesome.

Watch it while high the second time around.
Totally, i came twice and then twice, then one more time because i felt like it.
Mostly silent anime is mostly silent.

I feel asleep for the great majority of it...boring as shit.
Go back to Naruto

Truly sorry to disappoint you, anon, but Naruto doesn't float my boat either. I seriously gave Lain a chance but I can't stay interested when there's no background ambiance of any sort. Give me some kind of simple piano in the background or something...anything at all to remind me that I'm actually watching something. 9_9
Almost believed you weren't a faggot but then you used a little emoticon and blew your cover. Nice job.
I have to agree that it's really boring. Not as good as other mindfucks in the same vein e.g. Boogiepop.
Lain is still one of the best anime series I've ever seen, Yoshitobe's masterpiece, IMO.

When I first saw it I was really into cyberpunk, in addition to a lot of drum and bass / IDM, so it all fit really well together. I need to rewatch it again...

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