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What were your thoughts about the Espada?

I think they were the only things redeemeble in the storyline of Bleach, we should have gotten more info about them, but still we have more info about them than we will ever get about those Vandenreich shit head knights.

I am still very confused about vasto lorde, Who was a vasto lorde? And why did Aizen talk the whole time about gathering the espada while they were all allready in Las Noches allready...

>bonus question what did Mayuri find in the laboratory
Ok I get it, everyone turned to Vanden Reich fanboys, but Im telling you, you are wroooong
Top 4 (no, not the zero bullshit) were vasto lordes.
Yeah, I found the espada fun.
No, they didn't manage to redeem Bleach.
Vandereich feel too forced compared to the espada.
Ulquiorra is still my favourite character, though. I'd wish Kubo would de-ashen him
Wolfy dude didn't get enough screentime.
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They could have been decent but in the middle of Bleach's second worst arc, they didn't have any chance. Infinitely better than the Vandenreich.

The shit with Yammi was annoying and one of the biggest asspulls from this series so far though.
But is there any place in the mange where they explain vasto lorde? I tought he wated to gather 10 of them and than invade soul society, so did he gather them afterall?
You'll have to go to Bleach Asylum or other forums and check their translations on the databooks, it's mostly explained there with side stories.

Espada were cool for me simply because of the diverse outfits they had while sealed and after bankai or whatever.

If you think about it, many characters were carried by their looks, and not by how interesting their abilities were.

Let's look at Stark, /a/'s favorite.

>Shoots lots of lasers
>Makes homing missiles in wolf shape
>Has a sword for melee

Does it get any more fucking generic than this? If he shot his infinite cero from his sword rather than pistols and didn't have that furry cowboy outfit, NO ONE would give two shits about him no matter how strong he was.

Look at Grimmjaw. Would this mother fucker have HALF the fans he has if you swapped his face with nigger or Yammy's in both forms?

Oh that's right, not a fucking CHANCE.

Shark Tits speaks for herself, no one cares about her besides being a brown cum dump for nazis.
well, Aporro had pretty cool abilities

Forgive me if my memory fails but I dropped Bleach years ago. Vasto lords were like the most powerful hollows right? I remember that there were four stages from normal hollow to Memos Grande to Icantrememberthename to vasto lords, but never actually seeing the latter aside from an exposition shadow. Has an actual vasto lords (meaning not arrancar) appeared?

One of the few Bleach memories I have imprinted in me was shitting bricks at the first Memos Grande scene were it grabs the sky like a curtain. After that it was all samurai fighting.
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>Shark Tits speaks for herself, no one cares about her
Say that to my face and not online and see wat comes about
Aizen couldn't find 10. You should look at the databooks there is a Ulquiorra backstory that shows his Vasto Lorde form.

Nice opinions bro. The only one I would agree with is Sharktits. Their abilities weren't the best, but I still liked most of them.

There was a flashback where Isshin fights an artificial Vasto Lode-like hollow, but other than that no.
Hence he was bland in normal form and ugly looking in bankai.

You rarely have a character who's awesome looking AND has an interesting ability in the Espada.

I mean, you got Barragan with his kill aura but the ability by itself isn't actually all that interesting, it's just overpowered.
You liked them because they looked cool. Like I said, how about you start imagining Yammy as Stark or Nigger as Grimjaww and tell me how interesting they would be to you with their boring move set?

>You liked them because they looked cool.
Nice projecting

>Like I said, how about you start imagining Yammy as Stark or Nigger as Grimjaww and tell me how interesting they would be to you with their boring move set?
Like I said their abilities weren't the best. I didn't like the Espada for their abilities or designs. For example I like Grimmjow the most. Yes he had a good character design, but he was also really entertaining regardless of simple abilities.

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