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File: guilty-crown.jpg (1.68 MB, 1920x1080)
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1.68 MB JPG
I wish I watched this with /a/. All dat suffering and clusterfuck.
Shu a shit
File: 1330987031928.jpg (128.01 KB, 1164x658)
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128.01 KB JPG
It's a horrible train wreck I wish I never got on.
The anime was pure shit.
Hirohide Nanba=Light Yagami copied
Ayase Shinomiya=Asuka copied
I raged so hard that Arisa Kuhouin didn't die.
Shu's a faggot.
Ironi best girl, Hare on second place.
>Age: 14
>implying not the best fap material ever
File: gc33.jpg (78.41 KB, 1280x720)
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78.41 KB JPG
Shut your whore mouth. Shoe was the best thing about it.

But, there's only like 3 doujins
File: 1323389562401.png (239.95 KB, 993x720)
239.95 KB
239.95 KB PNG
It really was the only way to watch it.

That whore jesus christ. What she did was ntr doujin tier.
Hilariously shit.

Kill 'em all Daryl was best girl.
>fapping to doujins
>not using your imagination to fap.

You mean Arisa, right?
I enjoyed almost the whole thing, even if it was objectively pretty poor.
Are there more images like this one featuring the other girls?
File: 654657357.jpg (189.05 KB, 1084x816)
189.05 KB
189.05 KB JPG
>all this weird shit in the flashbacks
>keep speculating
>show ends
>it was fucking nothing
To be fair Sora no Woto pulled the same shit

I'm still mad about that.

>watch all the way through expecting despair
>get k-on
Waiting for the obligatory Ayasefag posts
File: 545436457456746848.jpg (700.29 KB, 2034x1146)
700.29 KB
700.29 KB JPG
It's like they just wanted to spite people at that point.
ayase best girl

daily reminder
File: arisa.jpg (39.05 KB, 552x327)
39.05 KB
39.05 KB JPG
She was already pretty fucked up during the show. I imagine the aftermath of being a slut, killing her gramp gramp, betraying shoe, and having her love interest die will fuck her up into megaslut bitch doujin proportions.
File: gc13.jpg (78.99 KB, 1280x720)
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78.99 KB JPG
File: best-girl.gif (494.70 KB, 500x281)
494.70 KB
494.70 KB GIF
best girl coming through
Japan doesn't like canon sluts.
High impact virtual button pressing with posterior.
File: 1361537566473.jpg (122.80 KB, 500x500)
122.80 KB
122.80 KB JPG
I still don't understand wtf they were doing with gai. First arc ended with him being a bro then I don't even arm chopping bitches over bros action.
Did they recreate Gai's brain in ver 2.0 or what. Fucking GC, strike witches makes more sense than this.
This is literally the only tag this series has on my don't hate me MAL
Gai was always a faggot.

First half Gai wanted to get to Mana and made everyone work for him by pretending to be Japans liberator.

Mana was basicly his waifu and he was mad that she only cared about Shoe.

In the second half he had the power to become Adam - the role he always wanted - and so he fought against Shoe.
Do you think Gai fugged Inori? I mean, she looks like his waifu and does whatever he wants.
He was always the same person. He wanted to set Mana free, as Daath would keep bringing her back as long as she didn't fulfill her purpose of triggering the apocalypse. So that's exactly what he let her do.

It's just the other dudes in the Undertakers (seriously, Funeral Parlor sounds gay) who chose to build their own ideas on the whole thing.
They never did explain why Gai needed blood transfusions and why they work.
They did actually. Or atleast hinted it.
Child Gai got infected with crystals for the purpose of science.
I like how in the beginning of arc 2, they were hunting down undertakers and didn't think gee, maybe that guy and wheel chair girl that defeated mechas on foot the last episode might be suspicious.

Not to mention Inori piling up dead student body counts without people finding them.

>not using bandage chick right away to repair legs
>terrorist group full of teenagers
>not seeing genome vial in pocket in episode 1 and taking it away
>vial magically activating instead of injecting into heart

I'm sure there's more.
There are more but nothing is scanned.
Ask that LoN tripper.

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