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Hear now the story,
I tell you, it's true.
A man first had one bag,
but then he had two.

Please listen closely,
Please stay awake.
Take heed of what I say,
don't make his mistake.

A story of loss,
a story of gain.
The man on a journey,
more bags to attain.

He traveled the land,
T'was a lifelong quest.
One bag on his shoulder,
he could never rest.

Misfortune followed,
An awful blunder.
His body fell over,
his bag tore asunder.

The bag was in ruins,
his eyes filled with tears.
His life was in shambles,
he couldn't make repairs.

To tailors he went,
for masters he'd send.
But all could do naught,
it would never mend.

His search led him far,
to courts he had been.
But it ended at last,
in a crumbling inn.

Inside it he found
a wrinkled old hag.
the very same person
who would fix his bag.

The ragged old woman,
she nodded, she knew.
She took 'way his bag,
and from it, made two.
Magnificent, minstrel. Sing us another, the merry one.
This Bagserk shit will never get old.

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