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You faggots told me this show wouldn't be gay. I should have fucking known. I can't even watch any further than this.

Seriously op?The episode is hilarious.
Too late, now you've contracted the gay.

Soon you will only dress in flamboyant clothes, and strike a pose whenever you make a post on 4chan.
>strike a pose whenever you make a post on 4chan
>implying I already don't do this
I decided to watch a bit further, and I get this. This shouldn't even be allowed.

"It's not fujoshit, retard" they said, "it's normal shounen" they said.
Curse you, fujoshits. You win this round.
I should have known the instant I saw the main characters. I need some Sakura Trick to cleanse my palette.
And yes, I'm a blatant hypocrite. Deal with it.
File: 1370265730553.jpg (65.48 KB, 300x432)
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>I watched more
it's too late
I just hope you're trolling,
or you simply didn't get the blatantly obvious making fun of fujoshi
Deconstructing the hot springs episode genre
but nobody wanted sweaty naked men
>Making fun of fujoshit by being even more gay.
Teach me these masterful ways of humor, anon.

I'm just skipping through the rest of the episode now. This sure is something.
It's a shame that this show has such cute girls designs, but they only get a few measly seconds of screen time.
Maybe I'll give it one more episode. Maybe?
I can't watch the end of this one though. Not properly.
You did.
Be honest with yourself.
File: dekomori blush hands.png (421.03 KB, 463x492)
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I wanted Ratio naked, they didn't give me that
File: biceps.jpg (22.66 KB, 219x387)
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22.66 KB JPG
I was one of the ones who legitimately enjoyed the show (and quite a lot), but this episode was just a joke. There's a limit to the shit you can call satire or whatnot, this episode was just pointless and even for filler/fan service/budget saving/whatever the fuck it was supposed to be, I was mad as hell at how much of a waste of time it was.

I'm optimistic that shit will get good again next week though.
fujoshi tend to like pandering. This isn't even pandering. I'm no fujoshi, but pretty sure stuff like this turns them off.
And lets not forget, the actual gay characters are portrayed ridiculously and stereotyped. And the main characters are actively afraid of the... "gayness"
Here is what it comes down to:
It wasn't a particularly good episode, but everyone freaking out has probably had a long history of vehemently avoiding things that they feel threaten their 'purely heterosexual' interests. I'm not calling you a closet faggot (though you are a faggot of some sort) but you shy away from even the implication to the point where an episode like this actually makes you uncomfortable. It's laughable. Get over it, nerd.
Yes. These types of shows tend to have the odd episode of pointless shit just to mix up the mood a little. It wasn't all that surprising.
Well, I mean of course the sheer amount of gay was surprising, but you know what I mean.
Did you watch it?
Gayness aside, definitely the worst episode so far. But otherwise I've enjoyed it a lot more than I expected. And it would be ridiculous to criticise the show just because of one weak episode. Though admittedly, it doesn't really have the popularity to be able to get away with it as much as other airing shows.
The scene where the guy went on doing crunches disregarding the mc group and mc group frozen in place looking at the guy is golden.It got me thinking what the fuck is happening and burst in laughter seeing the thing is working as intended.
I wasn't referring to the episode with that word, it was clearly a joke episode and for you to get so flustered over it just means you are sheltered.
30 seconds of just crunches.
>you are sheltered
I'm well aware.
The fact that gaudy homosex makes me uncomfortable doesn't make me feel ashamed or anything.
He definitely needs more practice.

A good boy should be able to do it for half an hour or more.
You should be ashamed of coming to /a/ and whining about how homophobic you are as if we haven't had this thread a million times from every underage poster since it aired.
Why aren't you ashamed of being homophobic? You should be
Please, don't try to be stupid now.
Homofags can do what they want. I don't have to feel comfortable looking at it though.
>But otherwise I've enjoyed it a lot more than I expected.

your a faggot anon
>show is supposedly homoshit
>hot springs episode
>none of the main girls get naked
>none of the main boys get naked
>instead you get Zyzz
I don't know
File: ogodwat.png (836.97 KB, 724x1139)
836.97 KB
836.97 KB PNG
All that comedy and gayness was a just cover for the last scene.


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