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has there ever been an anime/manga about a Japanese foreign exchange student in another country? Y'know, kind of like the opposite of every "kooky foreign student" in every high school show.

Dr. Tenma is the closest example I could find
guess I should find a better example
I can think of two Anime WITH a foreign exchange student as a major character. But in both cases, it's far from the main subject.
Um, vaguely recall some anime about a Japanese girl who came to America to learn how to dance in a circus or something.
Shojo crap. Don't bother.
kenji (manga) : the protagonist learn marshal arts in chinese.
minamigata kumagusu (manga) : the protagonist learn science in america.

Kaleido Star is one of the best anime ever made.

Its very EXISTENCE is a fucking miracle, as it is made by GONZO. MOTHERFUCKING GONZO!

Calling a well fleshed out drama like that "Shojo Crap" is like calling Gurren Lagaan "emo shit"

Kaliedo star is more a Shonen with girls.

which makes the concept of making Shojo and Shonen genres completely retarded.
lol I hate GL too
I only saw one episode of KS a million years ago.
Shoujo and shounen are not genres, they are demographics. As in marketing groups.
man, i went with making fun of GL because i thought you would be trolled by it.

oh well, you aim for the top and hope it lands on the faggots in the bottom, is what i always say.
Kaleido Star is the best anime ever.

Rosetta is fucking moe.
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