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So Speed Grapher is now being shown on IFC. Really good unique and underground anime.
My problem, this is what usually kills anime. If more people find out about it, then more idiots get attracted to it. Once an anime has merchandise in Hot topic, it's gone to hell. Funimation owns it's rights in America, and they always sell to Hot Topic and other shit stores.

It is one thing for a show to be popular, but the problem is when a show is picked up by the wrong crowed. Such as the hot topic/mall type anime fans who never see beyond the show, and like it for all the wrong reasons.
Ex: Fangirls that watch Death Note, just because L is "hot."
I think Speed Grapher being shown in America Television Stations is cool, but it holds potential threats, such as those mentioned in my rant above.
So fans of the show still reading this, what do you think? Good thing, or bad thing?
who cares if other people like or hate somethign you life? I dont care if everyone started walking aroudn wearing shirts of series x or cell phone charms of series y, I either enjoy them or I dont.

I dont care if people watch deathnote for any reason, I watched it, I liked it, that was the end of it.
Haven't seen Speed Grapher but I promise it'll never reach Hot Topic.
Anyhow, as for your Death Note example, I got into Death Note when the manga came out in American years ago. I've been into it since. The fact that it's now insanely popular really doesn't change that.
Only now that it's been a while I stopped caring about it because it's not worth that much devotion.

Hey, I still fucking think Cowboy Bebop is a masterpiece, but I bought my Cowboy Bebop t-shirt at Hot Topic. So sue me.

Popularity never determined what anime I like. It helps me notice series, but I only notice what I give a shit about.
Sage for being The Oba Chan Seducer.
Speed grapher is not a very good show to begin with.

add the bizarre elements and confusing pacing and you've got an instant ratings repellent.

stupid people anime gets popular in america. Take Death note. It's not really intellectual, but it dresses up like it. Everyone eats it up because its OMG SO DEEP, when in reality it isnt.
also remember Elfen Lied.

Speed Grapher is by no means deep, but it is too deep for mass popularity.
Hey, Death Note had a damed good premise, they just ruined it with contrived complex mindgames that make no sense and are highly unlikely.
Great idea, great characters, poor execution.
I rather enjoyed beating Pikachu with apples in Pokemon Snap myself.
The mangaka himself said that he wasn't going for deep, just for entertaining. His new manga has the exact same premise and a similar character.
OP here, while it is a buzz kill to hear people talk about it at cons in a really dumb way or argument, I don't let it affect me much. My main reason is disrespect of the show, storey, and creators.
If you can't handle people making fun of your favorite series, you need a life. I personally get sick of the same thing and like to see things from different perspectives no matter how retarded they are.

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