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The article was pretty well written and that's just pathetic excuse of a company, wow.
Oh dear.

>Ash LawliƩt
Oh very dear.
It's a miracle they got away with it for so long.
>Although linear television may
Stopped reading there
>East Asia Television Broadcasting Ltd. will cease trading on Friday 7th February and close indefinitely
Well, that sure was an ignoble death.
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What a way to start the day. I needed a good laugh.
>no shows
>tried to make their own show with kickstarter

>"A channel made by fans for fans"
What fans? The UK is dead for anime, they'd be lucky to get 100 people tuning in.

Can you even call a business which never did anything one which has "traded"?
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>Having worked in the anime industry for so long
/a/ could have done a better job.
One of the guys involved was an /a/non. He made a thread about it all before it was publicly announced.
I have a hard time believing wasn't complete bollocks.
They weren't an anon, they were just a passing viral marketer. They jumped into /a/ making an improbable claim that no one even believed back then.
>What fans? The UK is dead for anime, they'd be lucky to get 100 people tuning in.

It's not really dead, per se. The MCM Expos always get a lot of dedicated anime fans and the larger cons have turnouts in the thousands.

A TV channel though? Yeah, no-one's watching that.
File: 1357021207602.jpg (97.10 KB, 330x274)
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>show old anime
>surprised nobody wants to watch it
>But some viewers decided to cross the boundary and began stalking employees in real life, harassing and abusing them on the street in a sadistic attempt to get information from them.
This sounds like some grade /a/ bullshit. Probably their mom telling them to stop loafing around doing nothing and get a real damn job.
As expected.

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