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I am something of an anime novice. I have watched anime since I was about ten. I never saw Ruroni Kenshin because I was too busy to watch it when it was on.

Recently my friend tells me that I should watch it. I have just watched the first episode of it and I can say that I am not impressed. The characters seem somewhat dull.

My question is, does the anime evolve from the first episode or does it maintain the same feel throughout the series?

Pic unrelated.
It's honestly not worth it. Poor pacing, semi-interesting characters, and mediocre writing. You're better off reading the manga and not caring about it again.
Thank you very much.
I never watched it when it came out. Found it fairly boring. The one friend I do have that's seen it thinks it's awesome
watch tsuiokuhen.

RK itself is pretty meh, but tsuiokuhen is fucking amazing.
Very overrated. I don't know why it's so popular.
Also, /a/ haet shonen.
The OVA is worth watching.
The show is a drag until Saito and Shishio appear. Until then, it's pretty dull and has an annoying cast.

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