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Why is my current taste so entry-level, /a/?

All I'm even bothered watching every week is KLK and I don't even like it. Yet I have like half a terabyte of junk that I've barely touched.

How do you handle the motivation, or lack thereof, for watching anime?
Fuck off.

Just watch what you want. It's not hard. Don't feel like watching? Do something else.

I've gone almost whole years without watching anime. Then sometimes I burn through twenty on a backlog in a given season.

It's a hobby, not a job. Who cares?
What's it like being lonely, OP?
If you have no motivation to watch anime then why the fuck are you watching anime?

Do something productive. Leave 4chan forever.
You stop blogging and either watch something or don't. If you don't feel like watcing anything then you find some other medium.
Why do you "want to want" to watch anime?

I can understand "Wanting to want" to study, or exercise, or do something else which is somehow productive or worthwhile. But anime is a time killer, recreation. If you don't want to do it, there's absolutely no reason to "want to want" to do it.
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If you don't like anime, the logical thing to do would be to find a different hobby.

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