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It's a good thing Tadase is not Anonymous...
but anonymous would take such good care of her. That little girl needs special attention and I'm not afraid to take off my pants and give it to her.
Fuck your far off land, I'm staying here.

Also, is it wrong to occasionally wish your parents would die so that your sister could live with you?
I'd think Ikuto is more anonymous-like. Hates the world, mysterious, can't be bothered to talk to anyone.

Talks about rape constantly, but secretly wants a classic romance.

Oh, did I go off topic? How silly.
Is your sister hot?
God will forgive you for your sins.
Does the aquarium's men's washroom count as a 'far off land'?

That's hardly a sustainable environment to live in. Besides, girls aren't allowed to go in there.
>is it wrong to occasionally wish your parents would die so that your sister could live with you?

>is it wrong

Anonymous does not know what right and wrong are, there is only stimulation and non-stimulation.

But Ikuto has good looks and is in a compromising relationship, which most anons lack.

I.e, Ikuto is what anon would be if he had balls and didn't sit around watching anime.
Is it stimulating to etc. etc.?
File: 1205213503523.jpg (198 KB, 866x1280)
198 KB
198 KB JPG

You forgot your image.
The question would be more along a scale, with the most stimulating thing being at the height and the most primal things placed amongst those at the top as well.

More charitable acts, such as protecting a loli at all costs, tend towards the the bottom of the scale but as anon means to use the loli for sexual endevour it is cancelled out.

In simpler terms, we are all a bunch of animals, and the more a thing is done for someone else out of respect for them, the less stimulating an object/act/thing is and therefore less vital or desirable.

Anon can still act in someone's interest as long as it benefits him in some way.
>>10161460 girls aren't allowed to go in there.

Good point. The lady's room it is!
Hmph, why does Shiro get a monopoly on being a clueless lamb?

two words for you:

That's one word. Repeated.

You lost me.

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