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Do the new transformation scenes in Rebellion mean anything?

Looking at Kyouko's one I can't help but think of Guanyin's Thousand Arms

>One Buddhist legend from the Complete Tale of Guanyin and the Southern Seas (Chinese: 南海觀音全撰; pinyin: Nánhǎi Guānyīn Quánzhuàn) presents Guanyin as vowing to never rest until she had freed all sentient beings from the samsara or reincarnation. Despite strenuous effort, she realised that there were still many unhappy beings yet to be saved. After struggling to comprehend the needs of so many, her head split into eleven pieces. The buddha Amitabha, upon seeing her plight, gave her eleven heads to help her hear the cries of those who are suffering. Upon hearing these cries and comprehending them, Avalokitesvara attempted to reach out to all those who needed aid, but found that her two arms shattered into pieces. Once more, Amitabha came to her aid and appointed her a thousand arms to let her reach out to those in need.

Not sure if metaphor is intended here or are they just showing off Rosso Phantasma (and the fact that Kyouko no longer has a sad story in the dream world to prevent her from using it). But I thought all the "saving others from suffering" thing does sound rather meguca like.

>YFW Kyouko becomes goddess in S2
They are clues to find out who was keki
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Maybe, but cinematically it borrowed from Goldeneye.
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Sayaka's represents her being amazing.
I figured Sayaka's one has something to do with running. Instead of changing into magical girl form like the other girls, she was running towards a magical girl version of herself and merged with it.

Maybe it's to show that after yuri heaven she no longer regrets becoming a magical girl?

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