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Get on my level:

I don't really like stooping to someone else's level.
sao 9
mayo chiki 9
kyoukai no kanata 9
angel beats 10

wtf such shit taste
File: 1370502352854.png (46.77 KB, 180x251)
46.77 KB
46.77 KB PNG
Haven't seen NGE or EoE or the ReBuilds.
You Dirty Plebeian.
I am litteraly watching around 25 things at once, its on my to do list
Can you share your style and how to do it?
It looks great and I want to one up my friends even through I dont watch anime
its css, its pretty simple once you get it down
I meant that specific style/set up
it would kind of ruin it if everyone was running around doing it

if you really want to know I think you can just grab the source of the page

Golden Time - 7
Psycho-Pass - 10
Maou Sama - 10
CG - 10

Agreed. The shit taste is strong within this one.
you overrate so many average series.

here's a tip to put your ratings into perspective "watch it again later sometime then rate it".
And ask yourself does it match up.

oh yeah go watch more but don't rush

side note I do like the your mal setup looks nice.
I'm quite new to anime
any thoughts: http://myanimelist.net/animelist/keptan

I don't put movies usually, only the actual series, for example the rebuilds and steins gate movies I have seen but not added
File: 1420.jpg (31.23 KB, 349x246)
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31.23 KB JPG
His is a youngling.
But in time he will grow.
Somebody judge my taste pls.
real taste incoming
e-peen thread?
e-peen thread?

Dragon Ball Z - 10 is something I don't agree with. Then again, people can tend to be fan-boys of particular series. Won't say the Berserk Movies deserved 8s since they could been adapted better (if we merely assume how little budget was put into them).

In general, good taste /a/non
File: 1368683723064.jpg (56.54 KB, 415x440)
56.54 KB
56.54 KB JPG
>el psy kangaroo

Tastes: I like
Theme: I like like
>11. Advertising (all forms) is also not welcome—this includes any type of referral linking, "offers", soliciting, begging, stream threads, etc.
I don't seriously consider it to be a 10/10 series I could every recommend to people who didn't watch it growing up, of course.
I embraced the better parts of the Berserk movies and kinda ignored/skimmed the cgishit.
Thanks. Luckily the anti-Keyfags haven't replied yet.
>it would kind of ruin it if everyone was running around doing it
I doubt anyones gonna take the time to compare
>only completed 103 shows
I forget how casual most of /a/ is 500+ master race

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