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Data time! Rate every newly premiering anime you've seen this season on a scale of one to three.

Three means you love it. It's one of the best shows this season, and you look forward to it every week. Select all of your 3 star shows below--your favorite anime this season:


Two means you like it and intend to complete it. Select all of your two OR three star shows below--every show that you like and are watching this season:


One means you dropped it, or are watching it only out of your sense of duty as an /a/non and are likely to drop it. Shame those shows here:


Thank you for participating in the Winter 2014 Anime Census.
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It's not really a census since it's impossible to get data from everyone that goes on /a/....

Also this is missing SYD and Saki
Doesn't include second seasons, continuing 2cours, etc. Only newly premiering anime.
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> for those following along at home, this part is in Yuuichi's head
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Also missing Chuu22.
File: maiyurilap.jpg (319.20 KB, 850x637)
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...also for the same reason. Though on that note, Chuu22 has been an enormous disappointment. I felt like the first season actually had a plot, and this season is just KyoAni doing their "oh, look, a bunch of cute girls. Let's call this a day."
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>Nisekoi beating WCW in first poll
I'd like to say this was unexpected, but it wasn't. Sasuga /a/.
File: sayuritako.jpg (70.91 KB, 500x600)
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70.91 KB JPG
That's actually a recent development. Witchcraft Works was at 6 and Nisekoi at 10 for a long time. The poll is still in its infancy, though.

Personally, I agree with you. WCW is an outstanding effort from J.C. Staff; Nisekoi has been an enormous disappointment and I would have dropped it if SHAFT hadn't announced an anime-original ending for this season.
File: maiyuribubbles.jpg (243.59 KB, 750x526)
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>nime-original ending for this season.
shit really now i have to pick it back up....
File: sayurihappy2.jpg (293.31 KB, 493x582)
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Right? That's how I felt.
>anime-original ending
Unless it ends with all out yakudza war and Romeo&Juliet ending, I'm not interested.
I haven't been around until recently so I'm pleased to see so many people agree with me on Space Dandy being 1-star.
It's too meh for all this hype.
WCW plot started to pick up only on ep 4 (everybody who read the manga knew), which is the latest one, so who knows how will go on in the season.

Nisekoi probably got a bump when Shaft said it's going to be original ending, which might get more people interested.(it went from "shit i won't even bother with after reading the manga and seeing plot is crap" to "well might get on backlog at the end of the season depending on the original ending" for me too).

Opposite effect, probably, for Noragami, which still have AOTS tier episodes so far, but Bones strikes again for a original plot (and ending probably) from ep 7 onward. A lot of people might have been disappointed.

I'm not interested in it and didn't watch so far (neither plan to) but i don't know if i should be surprised or not about Sakura Trick on the lead atm.
Is Strawpoll still the best we have for polls? The voting system is retarded and it doesn't provide enough data.
File: maivark.jpg (78.30 KB, 500x600)
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78.30 KB JPG
Are you serious about Noragami? I'm really enjoying it this season, too...

Although--and I'm channeling my ten-years-younger fanfic reading child here--when I read the manga, I really wanted Delivery God to get with cute chick and it just wasn't happening. All is forgiven if Bones set them up.

Agree. We can get good data by making three polls and comparing them, though.

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