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Let me get this straight, /a/.

>textbook tsundere overachiever

>ojou-sama martial arts heiress

>imouto runaway housewaifu

>overgenki jailbait nigress

>mischievous alcoholic freeloader

>ara ara happy go lucky titsumi

>sex deprived christmas cake landlord

>psychotic gothic cockblocker

How does Keitaro get to have a harem with what is perhaps the most lovable cast in romcoms, and still make it out with a waifudeveloping from a complete beta to a refined man of great substance in the end?

Also, first girl is best girl rule worked well in late '90s anime. Why doesn't anyone follow this anymore? It works.
Do you seriously believe that Naru is best girl?
Even Kanako is better girl than Naru.
At the time, I did. Now I don't think she nor Kanako are.
Mitsune best girl.
9/10 would get shitfaced with and have sloppy drunk sex with.
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Pretty much the best, but akamatsu is a fuck.
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Considering that all the pre-4chan anons that watched this and other harems back in the day, of course the rule worked. There weren't many other titles that fit the shounen harem at the time so Akamatsu having shipped the two together at the very start, yet still have mini arcs catering to each of the characters' backgrounds that also contributed to the intended route was unique, even now.

Keitaro's road to being the alpha male was rushed it's not even funny. Throughout the entirety of the original season, he didn't grow one bit. Though you can argue that what ge learned from the girls was progress, Keitaro turned a deaf ear most of the time. When he goes trekking with chinese Indy does Keitaro actually become alpha, albeit very quickly.eratay was

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