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Greetings from /fa/

Not sure if this is the right place to post, but I know many of you are knowledgeable in Japanese. This saturday I have a speech competition and I need to cram in as much archaic Japanese in it as possible. My speech outlines journal entries of a samurai during the sengoku period, so I need appropriate vocabulary. If you have any resources it would be much appreciated. Thanks

>tl;dr archaic japanese resources please
>but I know many of you are knowledgeable in Japanese.
uh no, that's /jp/ not /a/.
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bumping with japanese fashion
Try /jp/,
Or the Daily Japanese Thread.
Try >>>/int/20167135
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got a thread there too. they told me to kill myself kek
They were right
This is 4chan, what did you really expect?
this looks like a japanese jew, not japanese fashion
Because you should kill yourself.

Lurking /int/ one minute should give you all the info you'll ever need.
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thanks very much
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i appreciate it, hopefully they got what i need
Yeah, you aren't in the right place for this man. Few people from /a/ know shit about anything, and the one's that do know shit, will point you in the completely wrong direction. There are places on the interwebs for translations and stuff like this. That said, I don't think there is any reason you should be including any Japanese in your speech unless specifically told to.
>konnichi wa. watakushi /fa/ desuuuuu.
There's your opener. Go kill it.
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The speech is in japanese, so thats kind of why.
Thanks for the help, ill be deleting the thread shortly
Mildly suspicious that there's a white dude in the background.
Good luck with that.
you can't delete your own threads anymore because Moot is a kike
Always add ~gozansu at the end of your sentence.

Act like you own the motherfucking place.

Carry a wooden sword and you are done.

You can thank me later.

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