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So can we talk about Year 24 shit, /a/?

I got interested in this stuff when I read Oniisama e and Claudine a while ago. Really dig some of the stuff Ikeda does with her panel layouts. I'll probably pick up Rose of Versailles when I finish a couple other series I'm reading.

Just finished Banana Bread Pudding. I thought it was really interesting. I felt like it was disconnected from reality in a way that was really charming. I liked it enough that I'm fixing to see what else I can find translated from Ooshima. I've read a bit of Star of Cottonland and that was really cute.

I wish more of this sort of stuff was translated, but I guess there's not a huge audience for it.
Maybe if you're lucky. The old shoujo fags around here pop in and out sometimes.

There's certainly some kind of effort to get some of these published in English. Haven't read all that much in the way of classics. Some Hagio Moto here and there.
Yeah. I'm pretty sure Fantagraphics and Vertical are releasing some of this stuff in English. Planning on picking some of it up, but it'll be a couple paychecks before I can really afford to.

I've only read a bit of Hagio Moto, but it's some good stuff.
Oh god, I remember this. The heroine was WEIRD, on a level that no lolrandom modern series can ever hope to approximate.

Hagio Moto is god. I just read They Were 11 the other day (along with the others Four Shoujo Stories), and man it was good. http://www.batoto.net/read/_/36661/four-shoujo-stories_v1_ch2_by_no-group
I've been meaning to read They were 11 for the longest time because the movie is a god damn masterpiece. Now's as good time as any I guess.

I have Yamagishi Ryuko's Shiroi Heya no Futari next up in my mango backlog, one volume long and from and a very early yuri story, I hear. Her BL manga Hi Izuru Tokorono Tenshi is apparently an on-going project as well with one volume out of 11 out.
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>and from and
Eh derp.

I just checked and Hi Izuru etc has a release from just 36d ago. Hype.

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