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So /a/ I finally finished Hyouge Mono and I gotta say it was quite an interesting take in all with the whole "manly men doing cute things" making it quite refreshing, that and the reactions were fucking hillarious.

So what was your take on it?
Hyouge Mono is excellent but you're a faggot who can barely string a sentence together.
I'm somewhat shitfaced right now so go fuck yourself with a cactus if i can't remember proepr syntax
There was never any subs, so I only watched the first episode. I should probably go finish it.
I'd highly reccommend it if your into getting a taste of different from /a/'s usual fare. Language is a bit flowery and shakespearean but it makes up for that with the animation.

Looks as though you also need to remember how to spell.
what part of shitfaced do you not comprehend?
It's great as a historical fiction. It's like /pol/'s tinfoil hat version of the Sengoku period.
>/pol/'s tinfoil hat
I wouldn't say its that bad, Sengoku Basara is pretty much that, at least Hyouge Mono was by far more accurate.
That's not really an excuse. If you're too messed up to behave, then don't show up.
>That's not really an excuse. If you're too messed up to behave, then don't show up.
Since when was that ever part of board ettiqutte? I see autistic posts here constantly and nobody even bats an eye 94% of the time.

The only good Bee Train anime.

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