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> Some time in late 2012. A business room inside Studio Khara's headquarters.
> Hideaki Anno sits in total silence at the head of a long meeting table. All eyes are on him: Tsurumaki, Masayuki, Ohtsuki, Maeda, and the Khara board of directors all sit in rapt anticipation, staring at Anno.
> In each hand he holds an Evangelion action figure: in his right hand, Unit 02; in his left, Unit 08.
> Slowly, quietly, his hands come together. He holds the two action figures, suspended in midair, so close to one another yet drawn apart as if by magnetism.
> And then… the click of plastic against plastic. The action figures touch. Delicately, like a paintbrush clasped between Hayao Miyazaki's virgin pinky fingers, Anno-sensei pulls the action figures apart… and then clashes them together again!
> Again and again, the action figures clash. Anno rubs them together, furiously, as if in his mind they are one Evangelion unit. One unit, two pieces, united in perfect harmony as only the master Anno could envision it!
> "HAI," he cries, jumping up and down on top of his chair. "HAI!! I RABU IT!! I RABU IT!!!"
> All the members of the Gainax board of directors start clapping. Huge, blissful grins adorn their faces.
> "Anno-sensei, omedetou!!" they cry, barely able to contain their tears. "Omedetou!!"
> Anoo ran out of the office and immediately sped home, running red lights, running yellow lights, where he masturbated furiously to Strike Witches while his wife cooked dinner.
And that was how Evangelion Unit 02 + 08 was born.
Fuck, should've put more spaces
Gattai's been a mecha staple for a while
Has there ever been one as stupid and unnecessary as this before though?

i can also clearly see unit 01's face in that thing

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