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Jin is he gar or not.
Hell yes he is.

So is the rich brat. Idealists whose universes team up to fuck them over are awesome.
The rich kid? really? he seemed more like an idiot to me then anything else, albeit near the end of his arc he was getting pretty cool, im also waiting to see what his new look will be considering he's the "Hero" and zet is based of off a "Villain"
Totally gar. He fucking kills a replica of his mom and his girlfriend on the first chapter!

There's "I'm a little kid who wants to play superman because good always wins! :)" idiot, and then there's "I will do what I believe is right, though all hell stand before me" idiot.
I respected the rich kid a whole lot more after that arc... You know the one.

It is a damn shame that whats-her-face, the ex-whore he saves, gets her memory wiped.
Memory wipes are about as permanent as killing Kururin.
At the beginning of that arc I felt the same, didn't respect him, thought he was a bitch.

He got much, much more awesome as that arc went on. It was really long, but sure as hell worth it to see him get that impressive. Sad too, how only one girl survived. He pushed hard to save that one whore though and that, my friends, is worth all the respect in the fucking world.

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