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Day 57
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Chapter 268

"The Expansion of Pay" (ペイの拡充 - pei no kakujuu) is a pun on an essay by Oosugi Sakae, "The Expansion of Life" (生の拡充 sei no kakujuu).

Published on July 20, 2011.

At some point before the publication of Volume 27, Kumeta discovered that the second half of this chapter closely mirrored an episode of Doraemon. While from what little I hear about it, the producers of Doraemon weren't upset about it, Kumeta was, leading to him to yank the chapter from the tankobon release. The magazine version of this chapter is probably the only version that will ever be released.

>Paint Can

The paint can says "Paint Calapis color", probably in reference to the Tom Sawyer reference that starts this chapter out. Calapis was one of the sponsors of the World Masterpiece Theater anime series.
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>Background (Panel 9)

>Summer Holiday Friend
A euphemism for homework assigned over holidays.
>Fai (x2)
>Artificial flowers, July edition
>Walking-around battery
>New Year's Money
>Beautiful 01 Binary

>Tom Sawyer Anime (Panel 10)

One of the episodes of the aforementioned World Masterpiece Theater series. First aired in 1980, and one of the few episodes to receive a worldwide audience due to its dubbing in English.
File: 05.png (133.07 KB, 858x1200)
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133.07 KB PNG
>Book (Panel 1)

The book says "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer - Mark Twain - Translation by Toi Momoko". The translator's name is a play on the real translator, Ishii Momoko. Kaere's book reads "Umanami Shonen Bungo", which is a pun on the real book, "Iwanami Shonen Bungo".

>Pay Drivers

Essentially, a racer who pays for his ride with family or company money.
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>2000 yen

Korean idol Jang Geun-Seok went to a Japanese airport and began offering to 2000 yen to anyone who would listen to his new song.


McDonalds paid 1000 yen to each person in Osaka willing to take part in a commercial advertising the new Quarter Pounder.

>Despair List

>You pay 7800 yen to run errands
7800 yen is about the price of a new video game, so this is probably referring to a JRPG, where most of the game is just running errands.
>You pay money to build things with plastic
Plastic models (Gundam, etc.)
>You pay money to start fasting
This is the case at some spas
>You pay money for missionary work
"Missionary work" in this case refers to the purchase of a manga or DVD to give to friends so that they will read/watch the work in question
>Even if you pay 10,000 yen, the Tokyo Marathon isn't smooth running at all.
10,000 yen is the entry fee for the Tokyo Marathon
File: 07.png (146.61 KB, 858x1200)
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146.61 KB PNG
>Theme park

The Kidzania theme parks have a system where parents pay for their children to do work.
File: 08.png (165.09 KB, 858x1200)
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165.09 KB PNG
Usagi Drop Author?
File: 09.png (190.23 KB, 858x1200)
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190.23 KB PNG
>Sign (Panel 2)

The sign says "Aspirin Pub", which is a pun on "Philippine Club" (which refers to the typical nationality of the women who work in them).
File: 10.png (195.76 KB, 858x1200)
195.76 KB
195.76 KB PNG
>Sign (Panel 3)

The sign says "Mansion's Luisi", a pun on "Luigi's Mansion".

>"Deposit and everything else"

"Everything else" refers to key money and thanking money for the landlord, which in this case, goes to the tenant.

Looks that way.
File: 11.png (171.83 KB, 858x1200)
171.83 KB
171.83 KB PNG
>Throwing away money

Reference to Kaiji. Further down the page, "Fukumoto-sensei" is a reference to Kaiji's manga-ka, Nobuyuki Fukumoto.

>Manuscript (Panel 3)

"Ahnaruto" which is the horrible, horrible mashup of "anal" and "Naruto".

>Unnecessary amounts of money

Quite possibly a reference to [C]

>Ending text

"I work and work, but my savings keep piling up. When I get so worried that I dump them into the black market, I get back even more."
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Chapter 269

"The Summer Guy" is based on the title "The Fall Guy", which is the English title of the film "Kamata March" (蒲田行進曲 Kamata koushinkyoku). The original title of this chapter was 蒲田未更新曲 (Kamata mikoushin-kyoku), which translates to something like ''Kamata not-yet-renewed-sound''.

First published on July 27, 2011.

>While homecoming…

Summer is one of the homecoming seasons (people go home to visit families, etc).

>A den of dark history

Probably a reference to Turn A Gundam, in which "Dark History" is the period during which most civilization on Earth was destroyed, and what was left of humanity relocated to the Moon.
File: 02.png (163.25 KB, 858x1200)
163.25 KB
163.25 KB PNG

A reference to Hiroshi Kamiya, who gave himself the radio nickname "Piro-piro" for Macross F-radio. This nickname may stem from the nickname he had in high school, which is "Piroshi". He has been known to use "Piroshi" on SZBH, in which he plays a character named "Piroshi, 17 years old".
File: 03.png (157.89 KB, 858x1200)
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File: 04.png (147.64 KB, 858x1200)
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>Store (Panel 1)

The store is called "Warabe Yuusai Toy Store", which is a reference to the anime/manga series Yume Tsukai, in which the main character's parents own a toy store called "Warabe Yuusai".


Play on Miffy/Nijntje.

>Ma**shin Hamburger

Reference to Marushin-brand hamburgers, which were popular during the 60s and 70s.
File: 05.png (162.98 KB, 858x1200)
162.98 KB
162.98 KB PNG
>Ken-bou's House

Reference to actor Miyawaki Ken. The name plate behind Sensei in panel 1 reads "Miyawaki".
File: 06.png (160.24 KB, 858x1200)
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160.24 KB PNG
>Sign (Panel 2)

The sign reads Yokosuka Chuo, a train station in the town of Yokosuka, Kanagawa, which is Kumeta's hometown.
File: 07.png (146.65 KB, 858x1200)
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146.65 KB PNG
Mutsugorou-san is the pen name of Hata Masanori, who writes a lot about animals and their growing up. In a column, "Sayonara Donbee" he relates an experience in which he gets injured in the same way Abiru does in this chapter.

>Salvia Honey

Refers to Nami's story in chapter 207.
File: 08.png (136.92 KB, 858x1200)
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136.92 KB PNG
File: 09.png (127.46 KB, 858x1200)
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>Despair List

>Brushing your teeth vertically
It's been studied, and probably the best way to brush your teeth is in a variety of directions.
>Safety myths
Fukushima reference!
>Sitting in the bathtub shoulder-deep
It used to be thought that this was the only way to warm the body properly, but it's been found that the body can be warmed by bathwater with only half of the body immersed.
>Marking the place you were stung by a mosquito with an 'x' drawn by your fingernails
Not really effective, as scratching tends to increase the itch. (Slapping the bite seems to work for me pretty well, though…)
>Burning trash at school
Is no longer done at Japanese schools (but is still a trope in certain genres anime/manga).
>Punishment by hitting
Hasn't been done by schools in Japan for a very long time. (Incidentally, Japanese schools were the only place in which this punishment was ever employed, more than likely being imported American schools during the late 1800s)
>Rub the site of the injection, and don't take a bath.
Rubbing the injection site was thought to increase the circulation of the medicine, while bathing was thought to remove it from the system. Neither are true, as most injections are either directly into the bloodstream (in which case the medicine is rapidly carried through the body by the bloodstream), or meant for localized areas (in which case circulation isn't generally needed).
>If you have a nosebleed, look up and hit the back of your neck
The proper method of stopping a nosebleed (tried-and-true by a couple of us editors) is to look down and hold the nose.
File: 10.png (115.65 KB, 858x1200)
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>World 5 Minutes Theory

To quote Bertrand Russell: ''There is no logical impossibility in the hypothesis that the world sprang into being five minutes ago, exactly as it then was, with a population that "remembered" a wholly unreal past. There is no logically necessary connection between events at different times; therefore nothing that is happening now or will happen in the future can disprove the hypothesis that the world began five minutes ago.''
File: 11.png (146.82 KB, 858x1200)
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146.82 KB PNG
>Kochi Kame

The nickname of a horrendously long-running Shonen Jump manga (175 volumes and counting), Kochira Katsushikaku Kameari Kouenmae Hashutsujo


The Yomiuri Giants, usually a dominant baseball team, finished the 2011 season 5th (out of 6) in their league.


Reference to singer/actor Shimizu Kentarou.
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119.18 KB PNG
File: 01.png (199.32 KB, 860x1200)
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Chapter 270

"Children of the Substitute" (代理の子 Dairi no ko) is a pun on Yamasaki Toyoko's novel, "Children of the Earth" (大地の子 Daichi no ko).

First published on August 3, 2011.
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File: 03.png (168.87 KB, 860x1200)
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>Despair List

>Taking over the little sister's body and telling the older brothers to go look for something
Mawaru Penguindrum reference. In it, the "Princess of the Crystals" possesses a little girl's body and orders her brothers to look for the Penguindrum.
>Posting Twitter status messages about what your partner at the Goukon says
A student from Hosei University posted a statement allegedly made by Kumagai Saki (a member of Japan's Women's World Cup team), during a group dating event.
>Using public radio waves to advertise another country
A reference to the "Korean Wave", in which Korean entertainment has exploded in popularity across Asia. K-pop is a popular genre for Japanese radio stations to play.
>Stealing meat to check it
Greenpeace commonly does this to check if the meat is whale meat.
>Like complaining about how Hata-kun spends his money
Another reference to Hata Kenjiro, who bought a new car, Sister Princess merchandise, and gave some of the seiyuu for Hayate some extremely expensive strawberries.

>Card (Panel 8)

The card says CARDDEATH, a pun on a brand of trading cards called CARDDASS.
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141.80 KB PNG
File: 07.png (155.64 KB, 860x1200)
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File: 08.png (176.07 KB, 860x1200)
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File: 10.png (193.63 KB, 860x1200)
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>Document (Panel 1)

The usual Itoshiki family puns. "Mei" -> "Zetsumei (death)"; "Tai" -> "Zettai (absolutely)"; "Kabe" -> "Zeppeki (cliff)"
Shit is gettin real
File: 11.png (158.15 KB, 860x1200)
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File: 12.png (122.15 KB, 860x1200)
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File: normal bandaid.jpg (144.10 KB, 600x450)
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Until tomorrow

From Kumeta's blog

I heard somebody say, "this manga is over" after reading the first chapter of Zetsubou Sensei. To him, my manga was already complete. Well, sorry that my already "completed" series has gone all the way to volume 5. The end was actually the beginning. Nah, that sounds too cool. It was the beginning of the end. People start to get old the moment they are born. I'd say the same thing about this manga. The moment it was born, it was already old. It's as if a man were born at the age of eighty-eight... and could die at any moment. That's what this manga is like. People often say "I don't get your jokes." What can I say? I'm a self-completing manga artist. I write stories that make me laugh, but nobody laughs at my jokes. I'm like a lonely clown sitting all alone in the dark. Well, to tell you the truth, I don't find my stories that funny either.
File: 29922268.jpg (86 KB, 548x800)
86 KB
Thanks for the dump
Chapter 120. Last chapter for me to dump.
Internet crap out on you?
That, and life things stopping me from keeping captcha going constantly.
File: 1386761892693.jpg (17.51 KB, 704x396)
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17.51 KB JPG
If you want I'll do the rest
Normally my pride wouldn't allow this, but my pride means nothing compared to the people reading. Go on without me.
Alright then. Guess all these are bigger than 3mb. No wonder it took so long.
If I'm not imposing, I would like to know what it is you're doing with the file sizes? I'm slightly OCD about that.
Too big of resolution to fit or too big of size so I have to shrink down in paint
Many thanks.

Thank you for reading. Sorry for the trouble in the end, but that was the last chapter I have to dump anyway. All Desmond from here, good luck. Kumeta time.


There are too many manga artist. The tax office told me that manga artist writing for Jump mostly live in the Kichijouji neighborhood. There are just too many manga artist. And they're not poor. There's an oversupply, yet they're rich. However, in 20XX, a mysterious virus called Bird Influenza, which only infects manga artist, will break out. First, the popular manga artist Wabirou Fujita gets infected through contaminated art supplies. Then Kenichi Muraeda and Takashi Shiina get infected. The virus quickly spreads throughout northeastern Tokyo, and 76 percent of the manga artist who live in Kichijouji, Mitaka, Nerima, Suginami, and Nakano get infected. They have no choice but to stop working. Shonen Jump is forced to suspend 90 percent of it's regular serials. Only Prince of Tennis and Ginkon remain. The virus begins to spread even faster, and within a month, every single manga artist in the country is infected. The Japanese manga world is on the brink of extinction... However, there is one man who survived. It's Kumeta! "I'm still available! The Japanese manga world is not extinct. I'll write for Jump." He thought that Prime Minister Asou and the Japanese manga lovers would cheer for him and greet him with open arms, but in reality, their reaction was ice cold. You didn't get infected because you're not a real manga artist. Nobody believes you're a manga artist. The Japanese manga world is officially extinct. This could happen in the near future.
Ah, no. I dumped all the "End things" already at a seporate time.
File: 2153220.png (296.26 KB, 750x1140)
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296.26 KB PNG
Okay. Sorry for all the trouble. I haven't read these chapters in a while and I forgot how huge the size was of the early chapters. Guess I should leave this to the professionals
I'm just glad the chapter's got dumped. Thank you anon.

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