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Let's face it, /a/. Kodaka is the best harem MC ever created in anime. Which other harem MC managed to fool the girls around by acting like a typical dense guy for two whole season? Hell, he even managed to fool you guys and he created shitstorm here about him for his act. You guys were so used to shitty dense harem MC like Ichika in IS that you thought that he would be just another one of them. No, Kodaka is a fucking mastermind. Acting dense was part of the plan to have a relationship with a better woman than the girls in the club.
He's a pretty great playa.

I hope he gets all the Student Council pussy he wants.
If any of what you happens to be true OP, I'd actually watch this. As it is, I don't trust the amount of Eh? Nandatte? that seems to be in the show.
My only gripe with this anime is that both seasons are practically the same.

I watched both a while ago, and not long ago I went to watch it again and I really got confused which was the first and second season.
He needs to tone down the beta but hes not that bad I guess. At least he isn't mentally retarded.

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