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I was wondering why Sei's dad didn't meet up with his son but I guess he wanted to bang his wife
How motherfucking awesome was the Felini vs. Sei/Reiji battle!??!
I watched it a few hours ago, and I was literally on the verge of tears.
A grown man breaking out in tears over a gunpla battle.
No, it wasnt just the battle, it was everything together, the music, the characters, that feeling.
And that motherfucking draw.
Everything was glorious.
Kirara is really pretty,
Felini is such a lucky motherfucker.
Wait until you catch up to the Mao fight. It's just as awesome, but in a more superpower vs superpower kind of way.
Who can blame him?
Watched it already,
and while it was definitely awesome and emotional it just couldnt touch me as much as that felini fight.
I can't get invested that much into the fights when there arent lives on the line.
It's cool and all, but really at this point, i'm just watching it to stare at milf tits
Same here. It was awesome but battle with Felini was better.
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I vote that Sei's mom should be the new official MILF for /a/

Akiko had a fine run, but it's time she retired.
That fight was fucking awesome. My favourite of the series so far, and there's been a ton of fantastic fights in the show.

Nigga, you just don't understand gunpla.
Felini is also a really cool guy.
I didnt think that I'd like him that much when they introduced him,
but now he and his gunpla are some of my favourites.
I understand and respect your opinion. The Fellini fight had that gritty beatdown style that the last Zaku Amazing fight had. Mao's had some cool parts, and I like that they finally showed how he could use the sat cannon without the moon. It was also pretty Obari, which I liked.

No objections, but I don't think it'll fly here. She's a certain win for official MILF of /m/ though.
>you will never pick up chicks with well-built gunpla
>I still need to watch that 08th team OVA with the awesome animation
All those inbetweens man.
The Build Strike FP vs Zaku Amazing fight was kinda amusing.

>Yuuki forfeited his battle vs Gyan^3? Lame.
>next episode's going to be a boring-as-shit Yuuki character development episode, isn't it.


>whole second half of episode is devoted to best battle in show
>dat music

GBF never disappoints, doesn't it?
Really, why did this show get all the good writers and animation budget when Age didnt?
It's love.
Sunrise took all of the fun from Valvrave and put it in Build Fighters.
>Felini jobbing it up vs Aila
Not sure sunrise can unfuck that.

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