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>There are still people on /a/ that don't understand why Taiga won.
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see me after class
>There are still people on /a/ that don't understand why Taiga won.
>the title is toradora

It's not Bitchdora, that's why Ami lost.
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The whole premise of the show was Taiga x Ryuji, but Ami lost out, sacrificing her own feelings and going the extra mile to make sure the path was clear. She was the true hero we deserve.
taiga always win.
she may not be maerial, but she is awinner
I don't care if she won the ryuu ji or not.

Ami > Taiga.
>Not bitchdora
Should have been Whoradora.
Must be some metajoke
>there are people watching toradora for the first time in 2014
>they use the word "still" when they have not been around when it first aired
>it took them a whole week to watch one single series, seeing how all these toradora threads started popping up a week ago
Worst girl always wins
>there are people that still think that Ami and Minori were trying to win, and weren't deliberately sabotaging their own chances for Taiga's sake
Rule of first girl
molester man (being otherwise shit) broke that rule
Who'd want to win a guy who's obsessed about a grown loli?
They do, apparently.

But they felt that Ryuuji and the loli were too good a pair to take away.
>too good a pair
True dat.
To be fair it was based off a true story. So rules don't apply to it.

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