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I missed all the threads, because I spent last week on the run since I killed my childhood love's crazy mother by strangulation and my childhood friend finished the job by stabbing her.

But it was a weird ending. I guess I knew that it wasn't going to wrap up all the weird shit ha about Shimizu and his poop god, the good vibrations, and the end of the world thing. Unless that was all just supposed to be about how Aiko died.

However, I really did like how Sachi saved Punpun by telling him to wake up. But the ending told through Harumi was weird and I guess Punpun going back to his old Punpun-y self was appropriate, but I feel like there was more that they could have done.
Aiko an heroing felt really sad to me, after all she's been through. It's a nice touch how she basically replaces God in a way.

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