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So, after all the /a/nons creaming their pants over Attack on Titan I finally decided to watch it and I have the following thoughts to share with you... (spoilers incoming - you were warned)

lol dem anime physics

Guys, it's been a century since the titans showed up, it's time to build better fucking artillery. Also how about a grenade or two - I know they won't stop a titan, but if you're about to get eaten they're better than swinging your dick in the wind.

Holy fuck there were times they wouldn't shut the hell up. "We've finally got that titan trapped in the forest. Now let's cut to people far away running their mouths". I don't know how you guys managed to watch this one episode at a time. If I couldn't marathon it, I would have climbed the walls.

Damn thing was brutal and unforgiving. Kudos to the studio. Also, some excellent twists.

25 episodes in and the only thing revealed is that people can turn to titans. Oh and also someone went Cask of Amontillado on a titan in the city walls. Wtf.

Godammit, Annie.

Is it wrong that I think the female titan is hot? I know it's missing some skin, but still...

Where's my fucking season 2? It the creator turns this into some endless Bleach type saga I'll eat his mother.
The manga is monthly. It will take some time for season 2.
Fuck off.
Not your blog.
Fuck off.
This is why we can't have nice things
Use the catalog.
>it's been a century since the titans showed up, it's time to build better fucking artillery.

Technological levels basically have a minimum population base necessary to support them. Given the collapse in human population as the titans emerged, it's pretty well done to stay at a (very roughly) 19th century level.

The limited area they have available also means that the available natural resources are heavily limited. Iron casting for example (for cannons) requires preposterous amounts of fuel.

Basically you're looking back at a very small civilisation with extremely limited resources that's struggling to simply survive at all, and wondering why their technology hasn't progressed like our, when we've had a massive population and the entire fucking world to play around with.

Progress can't be taken for granted.
Want to add me on steam or skype or something?

I'm interested to hear your input on tons of things that've been discussed to death
Oh, I'm sorry, next time I'll be sure to confirm with you, what has and hasn't been discussed to a sufficient level.
Reiner is the armored titan
Berdholt it the colossal titan
>This window will close in 3 seconds.
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A civilization that has the resources and materials to build 3D maneuver gear, surely can cut rifling into the cannon barrel for accuracy, mount it on something more agile and add a decent aiming sight? Hearing them whine about not being able to track normal titans walking around was facepalm-worthy to say the least
File: 1378141253461.jpg (629.50 KB, 1920x1080)
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Actually, 3D maneuver gear is the only real absurd thing in Shingeki. I mean, we couldn't achieve that even with our current technology. But it's in Shingeki and it's cool so I don't care. Maybe the author will explain 3D maneuver gears are part of the technology that was forgotten with the titans appearance. I'd be ok with that.
Not your blog faggot
Just because you get bullied at school, doesn't mean you have to lash out in /a/
Your opinions and impressions regarding an anime sure are important to me, unknown stranger across the internet.
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Ah, good, because otherwise you'd have no reason to come to /a/
Fuck off
That's some mighty fine assumptions there, shitposting-kun.
Please learn how to properly use a comma once your thread is deleted.
>So, after all the /a/nons creaming their pants over Attack on Titan
When was this meant to have happened? The threads were pretty much pure shit posting from the beginning
To be expected from a mediocre adaptation of a mediocre manga
The shitty thing for me is that mention of "3D maneuver" gear was what piqued my interest in the series to begin with, because the idea that "3D maneuver" gear meant to me was being able to move aerially independently of gravity. I assumed that they were basically just fighting normally, but were able to move through the air at will. Boy was I disappointed.

>we couldn't achieve that even with our current technology
Are you shitting me? It's a grappling hook with a gas thruster.
File: 1311901678704.png (161.90 KB, 439x399)
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161.90 KB PNG
Judging, from, the, reaction, it, looks, like, I, hit, a, sore, spot.

Am, I, using, comma, correctly, yet?
With gas strong enough for you to fly and shit like that. I don't think you can move human bodies as easily as it's shown in the manga. Real life 3D maneuver gears would suck.
>Are you shitting me? It's a grappling hook with a gas thruster.

If it's just that, why don't you build it in real life, patent it, and become a millionaire? /a/ taking too much of your time?
File: 1384825687110.jpg (62.03 KB, 223x216)
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I miss Roko
N-No one actually likes snk, right?
Stop bumping this blog shit. Just report and move on.
We all do anon
I can see you're new to this series and in general. Let me help you out there.

Eren is a coordinator that can control titans.

Christa is a member of a royal family that has access to the secrets about the titans. She is also a coordinator.

The walls are made of titans. Gigantic, collosal titans that formed crystals that hardened into walls.

Bert is the colossal titan.

Reiner is the armored titan.

Ymir is a titan. She is a princess of the titans.

The basement was destroyed before they got to it.

Eren's dad is in the titan village. He is also the monkey titan.

Titan transformation is linked to the moon.

Armin ate eren's mom. He is the grinning titan.

Armin is currently being molested by the wall cultists while pretending to be christa. Jean is tied up and forced to watch.

Mikasa and Levi are both dead as of chapter 54 raws.

Now go away.

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