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ITT: Write an anime plot
quality thread, sage
Year 199X,
quality post
The board was ruined by shit posts on /a/.
>MC finds girl
>MC starts hanging out with girl
>They both like each other in the end
quality quality post
It's an anime about cute girls in a band, but they actually learn and play music
>MC makes fun of girls for being useless and says that they are only good for cooking and sex
>Gets turned into a girl
>Discovers what it's like to be female
>Learns a life lesson
yeah, that's exacly what we need. another anime about cute girls doing cute things. uguu~ yourself.
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>not using the usual image
File: Woody_laughing_3.jpg (14.41 KB, 200x305)
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I see what you're doing
File: 1385447963045.gif (1.96 MB, 424x240)
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>so recycled it has a 'usual image'
I wish these threads would die off.
"Have you ever punched someone so hard, that they became a door?"

One day common MC and school troupe of friends are fooling around in between classes, when suddenly...
A mean looking muscle man falls trough the window of the classroom, hes followed by another moustached muscleman wearing a tux and a small facemask.

Both start having an all out brawl in the school hallways, breaking shit and stuff

The mean muscleman throws a piece of furniture and by accident hits MCs childhood friend.
MC grabs a baseball bat and tries to beat the bad guy, but the opponent doesn't even flinch after the attack.
Using it as a distraction the elegant muscleman punch the villain so hard that the sound of the impact brakes the nearby windows

MC stares startled as the bad guy turns into a steel door. The elegant muscleman opens it and walkstrough. MC drops the bat and follows him. The door vanishes in front of all his classmates.

MC is then introduced to a strange group of masked men and women.

They fight those who they call "The antagonists", beings who seem human but follow a secret agenda. Among their strange properties is the most notorious, they become doors when defeated. But not everyone can open said doors.
File: oh my.jpg (10.59 KB, 261x193)
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You know how it's done!
Protagonist fights much stronger opponents while shouting his attack, with the help of [What's the plural of "deus ex machina"? "dei ex machina"? "dei ex machinae"?]
File: 1714203990.jpg (9.29 KB, 261x218)
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>Comedy, Drama, Romance, Slice of life
>MC is alone and sad
>MC become Immortal right before trying suicide by jumping from school's roof
>Girl see he surviving the suicide attempt
>Become her friend
>Slice of life
>Marry, Sons
>She dies eventually due to old age
>MC continue his immortal life as a sage
File: mako.gif (1023.49 KB, 500x281)
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I approve
This anime takes place in a hot spring. Every episode, a different group of teenagers visits the spring. It is assumed the teenagers are in the midst of their own stories (one of the girls is an alien or robot or whatever), but you never see what happens before or after their visit. Basically, the entire series is an anthology of 13 onsen episodes from 13 different series. The protagonist is the springs owner, who watches the wacky antics of the various groups from the shadows and says "Ee maa..." a lot. Sometimes maybe she helps solve their problems. Also she's a loli.
Deadliest catch - the chinese cartoons.

Everyone's a loli.
>Dark Souls anime
>6 episode OVA
>each a separate story of a different main character
>takes place in the generally same, or close, locations ingame
>small interactions between each story (MC2 sees the ghost of MC1, or MC4 fights a boss with the help of MC3's phantom)
File: 1389371304194.png (393.80 KB, 598x564)
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393.80 KB PNG
Lots of ass and titty shots and little to no story
File: 1372948761312.gif (1.73 MB, 1280x720)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB GIF
Waifu Wars

Year 20XX, world war 3 has enveloped the entire globe, countries are fighting to prove who is the best GuP
>This anime takes place in a hot spring. Every episode, a different group of teenagers visits the spring. It is assumed the teenagers are in the midst of their own stories (one of the girls is an alien or robot or whatever), but you never see what happens before or after their visit. Basically, the entire series is an anthology of 13 onsen episodes from 13 different series. The protagonist is the springs owner, who watches the wacky antics of the various groups from the shadows and says "Ee maa..." a lot. Sometimes maybe she helps solve their problems.
Sounds awfu-
>Also she's a loli.
Fund it.
>MC makes pinky promise with female childhood friend to marry her
>they meet each other again after being separated for years
>girl still remembers the promise
>completely bland Mary Sue girl owns a house
>somehow, by some retarded ass zany means, 3 ridiculously huge over muscular insane ex navy seals who cannot function in real life and haven't completely registered in their minds that they've been kicked out of the military end up "hiding" in her house.
>Damned near every thing they say is over the top and accompanied by intense orchestra music
>The Mary Sue has no personality and smiles all the time, loving them, despite her house slowly over the series becoming more and more destroyed by their zany antics.
File: 15218769.jpg (148.31 KB, 1000x690)
148.31 KB
148.31 KB JPG
>the daily life of a druggie girl in a band
>doesn't do the hard stuff, but smokes weed and loves cherry flavored cigarettes
>got into a car crash when she was younger
>lost her leg and eye, leaving only keloid scars over them
>the shock of the crash left her hair white, save for a streak of her bangs
>lives everyday to the fullest despite it

Can we have a bikko anime please?
So like Dogs: Bullets & Chains but in the DaS universe?
File: 1389309700088.png (132.91 KB, 960x540)
132.91 KB
132.91 KB PNG
that's....awesome. i have been waiting for this story for my whole life. and i didn't even know until now.
Japanese student moves to an American Rap School in New York and must compete with students, 50Cent, Newtype 2Pac and Notorious BIG, Wu Tang Clan, Snoop Dogg and the likes to find his long lost father who went missing touring the US. The final boss is his father.
>Drama, Romance, SOL
>MC is alone and sad
>Girl who also gets bullied sees MC
>Girl and MC hang out
>Continued to get bullied
>MC and girl commit suicide together
Just like the Jay-Z anime idea, not happening
File: 1361538417249.jpg (197.71 KB, 919x720)
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197.71 KB JPG
All the world leaders are transformed into little girls, shenanigans ensue
>Hitler stop being so tsundere
Doesn't it say something about anime that these threads are even possible?

You couldn't make a "write a book plot" threads on /lit/ because that's such a huge range. Why do you think it isn't the same for anime?
No. The same can be done for "write a book plot" thread. Anime is no different.
>Fantasy Book
>all powerful ring is created
>people want to destroy ring so it doesn't get into wrong hands
>send members of a small race to volcano to destroy ring
What anime is that?
Harry Potter and the Two Towers
boku no gandalf
>MC is a scanty android lady like the major
>she's a criminal hacker and theif
>a total nymph
>sleeps with bitches left right and center
>has an 8" cock that can be seen through her skintight outfit
>Anime about viral marketing, MC works as an internet spammer, and in the end MC committed suicide.
A shy 12 year old boy starts becoming sexually attracted to his 16 year old genki female friend.

She encourages him to make advances by being as lewd as possible, but nothing works. That is, until she gets him to play a game of twister with her.
>Learns to love cooking and sex more than anything in the world
Action shounen in which all the main characters are futanari. They are only able to use their powers when erect, and the more aroused they are the more powerful they become. Unfortunately, their powers immediately shrink upon orgasm. Also, if a fighter takes in another's semen, her overall fight potential receives a permanent boost. The entire storyline is an unending cycle of training and tournament arcs.
>Young boy is 12
>Has a single, lonely, female teacher who is 31
>Teacher offers to do home tutoring
>Kid can hardly control his feeling towards the teacher
>Teacher is aware of this
>Parents are out one night, thinking a teacher doubles as a decent babysitter
>While tutoring the boy in his bedroom, the teacher makes an advance
>She kisses him flat on the lips
>Boy is scared at first, but the teacher holds him in place until he stops resisting
>Unbuttons her shirt and slips his hand in
>Lots of touching, licking, and moaning goes on for a while
>Eventually they move onto the bed and the night ends with her giving the boy head
>She's ashamed of what she did later that night at home, and paranoid that the kid would tell his parents or something horrible like that
>She gets a phone call, nervously she picks up
>Parents say that he's been studying much more since she's been coming, and would like to double her pay to act as a babysitter as well so that the parents could get alone time

And so a non-H straight shota romance begins, detailing the obstacles a woman would face in such a unique relationship. She cares for him as a mother, lusts for him as a lover, and fights to come to grip with the slippery slope she falls into.

Full of steamy romance scenes of course, but never crossing into h territory.
File: hey_kid_wanna_ss.png (682.53 KB, 820x1400)
682.53 KB
682.53 KB PNG
MC-chan is an only child because complications during her birth made her mother unable to have anymore children. It is because of this that, after MC is accidentally impregnated by her boyfriend in highschool, she decides to keep the baby.

There are of course some consequences. She tries to break up with her boyfriend so they are less likely to be seen together and so there's a lower chance other people will figure out he's the father in\ the future.

She can't get him to go away, so she resorts to explaining the whole situation. He STILL won't listen, and seeing this desperate attitude causes her to start being tsuntsun towards him.

One day, while being berated by her, he says something along the lines of "you've really started acting like a wife". She starts blushing and pounding on his chest while calling him mean.

Also, at some point, another girl tries to fuck with MC, so MC throws her down a staircase.
>5 years post nuclear fallout
>No major powers left only factions, small communities, and a few cities.
>Story follows a man who is scavenging
>He is searching for his wife and daughter who were on vacation in Europe when the bombs dropped
>Story starts off when this man is in Germany and has found out his wife has died but his child is still alive
>He has also found out his child would be 15 now may be involved in a criminal gang located in Spain
>The story would look into the truly bizarre behavior people who would arise out of this world as this man is searching for his daughter

That's all I got.

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