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I wanted something different, so for the first time in a while I am watching a harem with much fanservice

though episode 10, all I can say is it disguises me how each and every female in this series is simply a bitch with their attitude.
> disguises me how each and every female
> disguises me how each
> disguises me

i believe the word you want is disgusts...

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>i believe the word you want is disgusts...

Yes...That's exactly what I meant...
>every female is simply a bitch
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I hate women. I really do. Every time I look at them, my blood pressure shoots through the roof. When they're gabbing on the cell phone about Paris Hilton. When they're adjusting their lipstick and taking up my time rifling through their stupid purse. When they whine to me about their period. When they blither on and on about some artist/film director/musician nobody else gives a flipping fuck about. When they cry and expect your personal sympathy.

But most of all, /a/, I hate them because they're smug, hyperactive little bitches made that way by our shithole society. Look what uncontrolled feminism and the media has done to them: they think they're superior. They can call the shots. No woman will even know what it feels like to be completely alone and unloved unless she is FIERCELY ugly. All their crying about relationships is merely them fucking up; any girl can get any guy she wants if she tries.

When girls are feeling down, they can have any man they like and fuck him. Even if they have no friends in the world, even if they are pathetic, ugly whores, they could strike up a conversation with any guy in class and make him theirs. But a lonely, pathetic man is hated by women. They know they're better than him. They give him nothing. Even though they know he suffers from his biological urges, they sit and laugh and do nothing for him. They get to choose who is happy and who is sad.

I know this is BAAWWWWW over being a virgin. I know that it's not morally right. But I'm posting it because every single one of you sexless /a/ssholes thinks the same thing. When you watch your roomate make out with his girl, when you hear it in love songs on MTV, when you see it on the streets: know that those women are laughing at you, hating you, denying you something completely harmless, just because they hate who you are as a person. And that's their never-questioned right in this world.
Watch ZnT or Shana

oddly enough I just finished watching the second season of it. the purple haired girl with the little demon is probably this show's only redeeming feature, outside of all the fanservice obviously.

ew, stale pasta
win pasta is win
All they do is badly hurt him for what ever reason which often is in no way his fault, treat him like crap, then expect him to save them.
They also harass and tempt him, THEN they beat him up for taking them up on the offer.
I found the background element of Kamen Ride...Ranger to also be redeeming. Then again, I'm just a toku fan.
then he saves them, then they continue to treat him like crap.

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