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hey /a/,
I'm looking for a tv series that i watched in the 90s (I'm not sure if it was still new then), I'm not even quite sure if it's a real anime, but I'm desperately looking for it because I'm trying to recollect some childhood memories.

It was about a nice woman having some sort of orphanage or similar. Some of the boys around were trouble makers.

The one scene I remember most vividly is her trying to ride a bike (one in the style of the pic). Her riding that bike is somewhat considered unfitting for women, but she still tried and fell and tried again and again.

I remember the tone being warm and gentle, the colours being bright.

That's about all I remember. Can you help me?
Someone suggested to me that it might have been Romeo Blue Sky, but I'm pretty sure that it was not that one, because if I'm not mistaken the main focus was on the woman (as far as I've read about RBS the focus is on the boy there). I guess the over all aesthetic was sort of similar though
Does this look like the kind of place where you can just go and make posts?
Sounds like something from World Masterpiece Theater.

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