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What are your thoughts on Berserk? Will it end?
Unless he really buckles down then he's going to die before it ends. I think he said he was like 1/3 or 2/3 of his total story.
Why you do this to me, op?
>Why you do this to me, op?

Yes. He's only at 67%..
In other words.
It won' be finished for good 7-10 years.
Also, when berzerk was a kid he had a large sword.

Then he got a huge sword.

Now he needs an even bigger sword, just ridiculously big.

Also this manga needs more pirates!
>Also, when berzerk was a kid he had a large sword.
I wish retards would just hang themselves.
get to elfhelm
get back to midland
aaaand somehow magically kill a living god

should be possible to finish for Miura
I've heard that he's just not that interested in Berserk at this point, hence it's slow progress. He's apparently more interested in other projects now.
>I heard
Just say that you're speculating.
true, he is doing this for 24 years after all.
He has his new scifi-postapocalyptic-something mini-series going on right now
Then I wish he'd at least just pass the project to someone else, along with his script.

It'd suck for sure to have a different art style and writing, but I want to know how it ends.
If I was, I'd say that. I heard it recently from a podcast discussing the generalities of the manga.
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What are peoples thoughts on Berzerks companions?

I enjoy them, but I've heard people say they wished they'd leave already
We're just waiting for something horrible to happen to them, then the real Berzerk-aning begins.


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