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I had so high hopes for this series, but it just gets worse and worse with every new episode.
>having high hopes for KyoAnus
I'm sure people will fall for this old copypasta, even after its nature has been pointed out by this post.
Deko a shit.
I still can't forgive them for last episode, when they ended up going back to the status quo instead of actually going through worthwhile development. Fuck Kyo Ani.
Is it worth it picking up the second season? I just finished the first season(bar the OVA), was okay I guess, not all that special but enjoyable to some extent at the very least, though I feel like I probably can't be arsed watching the second season unless it gets better.

So.. does it?
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Shinka Nibutani was the victim of cruel bullying and I'm going to post this every day until KyoAni releases an official apology. This is the worst bullying I have ever seen and it was done in comedic effect. It wasn't funny and Shinka didn't deserve that/
You asked this last thread. Just watch the first few episodes then make up your own mind.

How many times are we going to have this thread?
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Let me REMIND you that she was using Dekomori to get more votes because Deko is more popular.
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Why the fuck didn't 2pig2 just say "Excuse me, there's a strange girl hiding under this desk trying to distract me"?

I'm usually forgiving of anime logic but that's just too stupid.
Like I said in the other thread they're "friends" and Shinka don't want look like some bitch snitch.
They're relationship isn't so complex. She didn't say anything because the writers just want her to make funny noises and embarrass herself. Nothing to do with her respect for Deko. Scene was lame as fuck and very unfunny.

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