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File: chart.png (31.98 KB, 1999x1957)
31.98 KB
31.98 KB PNG
You are now in charge of making an anime for a studio and you are given this chart. You must put 1 point in every category by default with 45 points in total to spend, except fan service which can have 0 points. Having 1 point in a category means it's shit, 5 points is medicore, and 10 points is excellent, with the exception of Story, in which having a 1 makes it more episodic and 10 can be either 2deep4you or a riveting plot.

Miscellaneous depends on the genre of anime you are making, the action in action anime, mystery in mystery, comedy in comedy, etcetera, which can have different effects on Story, Art Style, Music, and SFX. Be sure to include what kind of anime you are making, or don't if you want to play that way and maybe add some kind of description of the anime so you have a better chance of it having more success over the others and make it easier to visualize.

Hard mode:Make an anime that 80% of /a/ will like.
Nightmare mode:Make an anime the top 5 most visited boards will like, 80% /a/, 50% for the rest.
DMD mode:Everything above plus make it the best selling anime this Spring season, consider what will be airing.
Running through hell and back mode:Everything above and make it the best selling anime this year.
Impossible mode:Make a franchise out of the anime and have it make it to the top 30 most profitable anime ever in Japan.
File: aoty.jpg (578.70 KB, 1999x1957)
578.70 KB
578.70 KB JPG
What do I win?
You would win my dick.
I would watch it for sure
Biggest pleb award.
File: 1391631388966.png (39.28 KB, 1999x1957)
39.28 KB
39.28 KB PNG
Every SoL ever.
I bet you didn't even like Qwaser.
The music usually isn't that good
And I bet you did, you subhuman piece of shit.
File: 1391631388966.png (39.30 KB, 1999x1957)
39.30 KB
39.30 KB PNG
Would you watch it? It could revolutionize the medium.
File: 1391631388966.png (39.21 KB, 1999x1957)
39.21 KB
39.21 KB PNG
Fuck you /a/.
Take a point out of story and dump it in misc I guess
>fan service that high
>not lowering music in favor of SFX
It looks like hentai.
Better than most anime these days, would get lost in plot.
File: 1391631388966.png (91.13 KB, 1999x1957)
91.13 KB
91.13 KB PNG
Code Geass-like trainwreck, but better. Misc is the trainwreck value.
File: anime.jpg (433.71 KB, 1999x1957)
433.71 KB
433.71 KB JPG
Fuck your rules.
Would watch regardless.
File: silentanime.jpg (187.85 KB, 1999x1957)
187.85 KB
187.85 KB JPG
0 points in voice acting, because silent film anime. MC needs to recruit heroes from classic pieces of cinema to save the dying Hollywood Planet.
File: 2deep4u.png (132.52 KB, 1999x1957)
132.52 KB
132.52 KB PNG
>silent anime
Shit nigga, would watch the hell out of that. I wouldn't even need to wait for subs.
File: x3264e0h.jpg (332.70 KB, 1999x1957)
332.70 KB
332.70 KB JPG
Impossible mode achieved

Throw in some cute well drawn girls easily boxed into traditional archetypes (Tsundere, Ojou, loli sensei etc.), some mild ecchi fanservice, a completely loose plot to hold everything together, voiced by A class seiyuu with some deep symbolism that makes it appear more than it is (Misc.) and the filthy Elevens will eat that shit up.
File: 1391631388966.png (88.26 KB, 1999x1957)
88.26 KB
88.26 KB PNG
I would buy figs and import BDs.
File: 1391631388966.png (39.45 KB, 1999x1957)
39.45 KB
39.45 KB PNG
Action anime that revolves around music. Misc. attributes to action scenes that are synchronized to music. Average VAs aren't a problem since it's not going to be focused on dialog and the story is dumb as fuck.

Basically, I made Fantasia with kung-fu musicians.
File: myperfectanime.png (39.06 KB, 1999x1957)
39.06 KB
39.06 KB PNG
Honestly didn't quite understand the 'misc' category
File: Kancolle the Anime.png (140.78 KB, 1999x1957)
140.78 KB
140.78 KB PNG
>Impossible mode:Make a franchise out of the anime and have it make it to the top 30 most profitable anime ever in Japan.
File: 1391388718688.jpg (48.48 KB, 326x323)
48.48 KB
48.48 KB JPG
It sounds like the music would give me goosebumps.
File: whatthefuckdidijustwatch.png (144.22 KB, 1999x1957)
144.22 KB
144.22 KB PNG
You wouldn't understand
Animation budget? In an anime?
For what purpose?
Oh I mixed the art style and misc
Didn't read OP properly sorry

Basically this?



MC is a student at a prestigious school, where the students battle each other to eventually attain the title of the BEAT KING. Each having their own genre of music that plays during fights. With battles swaying back and forth, the music changes. MC's genre of music being Techno. Fights similar to Darker than Black with the emphasis on the UNTZ.

Our story begins with our protagonist having a stand off against another student. Protagonist still listening to the music from his headphones while the other student is staring at him angrily. It's quiet at first, but you begin to hear it. The music. It slowly plays louder and louder. Suddenly both students take off, rushing each other, sending out a flurry of fists, each dodging and retaliating in an instant. Music changes as the pace of the battle goes back in forth favouring each character.

Then a close up of the main characters' eyes

"I can see it, your beat/rythmn.. "

Then the two songs flow into one another, forming a techno remix of both genres, with the MC eventually beating the other student by the end of the song.

Watching from a distance is a mysterious group of students.

One of the students asks the others

"Well... What do you think?..."

Another one laughs, and replies that there's nothing to worry about...

Important battles:

Protag against his Rival, who's genre is classical music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QE33vse-Y_U

Protag against the mysterious 4.

Protag against 70s music Bro.

Ending final climatic battle against the current BEAT KING, the Protag's brother. Techno against Techno.
Would make countless thread on what did I just watch.
File: 2deep4u avant garde anime.png (34.08 KB, 1999x1957)
34.08 KB
34.08 KB PNG
File: 1385787146558.jpg (7.77 KB, 124x115)
7.77 KB
7.77 KB JPG
Fucking fund it already.

Or a better one I guess.
File: Ace Combat Anime.png (73.71 KB, 1999x1957)
73.71 KB
73.71 KB PNG
File: 1377429871939.png (310.45 KB, 1280x720)
310.45 KB
310.45 KB PNG
Symphogear + Ben-To + Afro Samurai
File: 1391631388966.png (104.62 KB, 1999x1957)
104.62 KB
104.62 KB PNG
Would you, /a/? It would be a drama most likely.
File: J-J-J-Jam_it_in.png (122.41 KB, 2575x1945)
122.41 KB
122.41 KB PNG
File: 1391631388966.png (39.47 KB, 1999x1957)
39.47 KB
39.47 KB PNG
A adventure/journey series.

Music plays a vital role in a good series as a good OST can feed into what they story is trying to get across. Same with VA as a great performance by a seiyuu can get a person really involved/engrossed into a series (Sugita in Disappearance as a example).

Character Design and Art Style work with one another so as long as one of them is good it can usually carry the other perfectly.

Story is just because I like a story that can get the person invested in the characters and plot greatly. Does not have to be 2DEEP4U but it should keep you engrossed. SFX is usually a good thing and fan service if not too over the top (Xebec level) is always enjoyable.

Misc showing that it should be a enjoyable watching the traveling/new environments which rely on music and style.
File: 1380825734772.jpg (89.79 KB, 1280x720)
89.79 KB
89.79 KB JPG
I'd watch anything with a good OST, would pick up.
File: 1.png (26.62 KB, 647x645)
26.62 KB
26.62 KB PNG
Genre: Thriller

It's even better than Kaiji.
File: 1391631388966.png (38.76 KB, 1999x1957)
38.76 KB
38.76 KB PNG
Build a good enough show, and the doujins will come on their own.

It can't look like ass, but art matters least.
No, mate and it wouldn't fit at all
Try this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vk8AtH0t2BU

Also the MC would work better with an atonal genre, like Free Improvisation or noise.
File: 1357355807915.jpg (58.65 KB, 720x368)
58.65 KB
58.65 KB JPG
>A adventure/journey series.
>Music plays a vital role
I can just imagine the doujins now, they would be top tier.
Genre: SOL
Anime about /a/

Voice acting done by pasting clips from Vocaroo
File: 1391631388966.png (39.84 KB, 1999x1957)
39.84 KB
39.84 KB PNG
Because I need a good magical girl anime with fappable characters.
File: adotjpg.jpg (315.72 KB, 1999x1957)
315.72 KB
315.72 KB JPG
Forgot picture
File: babbysfirstanimu.png (33.87 KB, 1999x1957)
33.87 KB
33.87 KB PNG
My anime would be about a totally mixed cast of characters living their daily life after the apocalypse - from which the cause is not known.

Yet some kind of political regimes still exist and have brought the common folk under their control taking advantage of them to increase their own standards to make life as comfortable for them as possible while having like their own personal army to keep watch of them.

The only monsters are the bad people living in the outskirts of the ruined cities which are not controlled by those forces.

There isn't really one protagonist. Every main character's acting is connected to another character which all will get highlighted in the show (for example one character has 5 episodes dedicated to them and crosses the street to loot a former store another character ambushes him or her and kills her. The story now follows the killer and his life, his backstory et cetera).

A huge focus would be the character's psyche. Maybe the named killer did not want to kill the looter in the first place. Maybe it was an accident. Now he struggles with him self and tries to find peace and redemption until maybe something else happens and the characters are switched.

Also in the end maybe every line of the characters connect in one way or another and then there is the big reveal, a revolution against the remaining government, ...

The character design won't be a huge focus point. It will be pretty standard - nothing standing out. Similar to Ghost in the Shell's character design in making the faces.

Music would be by Yuki Kajiura - guess why the 9.

I'd avoid any CGI for the art style.

For the voice acting I'd rather hire fresh artists instead of common already known ones.

Also no fanservice for my show. No shower scene, no unnecessary panty shots (one rape scene but that doesn't count as fanservice), ...

Can't really think of what to say about Misc. Good action, well done quiet scenes too, lots of monologues.

It would also have 25 episodes.

So, basically, everytime someone moves they make squeak noises?
I'd still watch it, sounds pretty fresh in the sea of school settings.
>MC's genre of music being Techno
Make that and actually decent electronic genre like Ambient Techno and it might actually work.

>Protag against his Rival whose genre is classical music
Sure, but only if he get a proper major classical work as his theme.

>Protag against the mysterious 4.
Sure, like what?
Dark Ambient/Noise Ambient/Drone Doom Metal/Harsh Noise

>Protag against 70s music Bro.
A foreigner whose gimmick is Krautrock?

>Ending final climatic battle against the current BEAT KING, the Protag's brother. Techno against Techno.
Mirror Matches are boring, why not give him the exact antithesis in electronic music?
Noise Breakcore would work really well there.
Are the voice clips just /a/nons reading out posts?
File: 1391631388966.png (39.04 KB, 1999x1957)
39.04 KB
39.04 KB PNG
If you make characters that look real good, you can exploit the market with limited edition figmas, dakis, and mundane merchandise.
File: FABULOUS.png (149.22 KB, 1999x1957)
149.22 KB
149.22 KB PNG

Also gonna necro this out from the archive while I'm at it.



Doesn't that refer to special effects and not sound effects?

Trips have spoken.
File: the plague the animation.png (33.91 KB, 1999x1957)
33.91 KB
33.91 KB PNG
Would sell like shit forever.
File: 1391386658263.jpg (106.69 KB, 432x436)
106.69 KB
106.69 KB JPG
>underground fashion battles
The threads on /a/ would be real fun.
File: 347645745674.png (139.54 KB, 1999x1957)
139.54 KB
139.54 KB PNG
The min 1 point in everything seems stupid, why not just take a box off each and start off with 37 points instead?
An action man finds himself responsible for his sweet-eating book-reading gothloli niece after her parents disappear. Episodes consist of the action man doing activities with the gothloli and occasionally butt-kicking. An arc starts in the last 3 episodes explaining what happened to the parents but it doesn't go anywhere.

Misc is the gothloli's cuteness.
File: 1391631388966.png (71.86 KB, 1999x1957)
71.86 KB
71.86 KB PNG
And pic. I hate pics.
>no fanservice at all
Only doujins can save me now.
SFX has to mean special effects, because sound effects don't warrant a category by themselves. There's no such thing as a "SFX" budget, whereas there's a huge budget for assets like voice actors and composers, etc.

my point still stands--special effects like cgi look like ass anyway
File: go big or go home.png (18.96 KB, 1999x1957)
18.96 KB
18.96 KB PNG
This guy gets it, here's the seasonal rival
File: anime stat.jpg (322.94 KB, 1999x1957)
322.94 KB
322.94 KB JPG
I'd use this as the schematic for an anime adaptation of Tsugumomo.
File: 1391631388966.png (39.24 KB, 1999x1957)
39.24 KB
39.24 KB PNG
I'll make every dick in /a/ happy.
File: idealanime.png (75.49 KB, 1999x1957)
75.49 KB
75.49 KB PNG
to me, this is all you need for a decent anime. Story must be the driving force, backed by a nice OST and good voice acting, and if not, dump some of the story points into SFX and the rest into misc so the anime can be as over the top silly as possible.
>minimal voice acting
The thought of that made laugh.
No. Episodes about /a/non's in random situations. New anon in each episode.
File: theComfiestSoL.png (39.42 KB, 1999x1957)
39.42 KB
39.42 KB PNG
File: 1376629563656.png (159.46 KB, 409x549)
159.46 KB
159.46 KB PNG
I can feel the healing already.
File: chart.png (39.14 KB, 1999x1957)
39.14 KB
39.14 KB PNG
here's mine
File: 1391631388966.png (71.83 KB, 1999x1957)
71.83 KB
71.83 KB PNG
Aiki adaption. It's gonna look like crap but it's gonna sound great and have the best fanservice for centuries. Misc is ass-kicking.
Ass kicking and fanservice? Formula for success right there.
All the characters have intricate motivations and diverse backgrounds. Some tragic, some heartwarming, all irrelevant to the PLOT. Yes, that's right: PLOT is what this story is all about. Whether in the Battle Colosseum or the bath house the stunning PLOT will always be on display for the viewer's sensibilities. What's great about taking the anime in this direction is that you don't have to worry about silly things like literary devices. One episode the characters will be sitting around enjoying tea time and discussing their daily routines and then next week they'll be fighting it out in giant robots, or racing on the backs of ferocious animals, or having a fierce water gun rally all while coinciding with the true focus of it all: the enigmatic and mystifying PLOT.
to add on, it would probably be a harem/mecha thing but not deep at all
File: 1391375762010.jpg (34.29 KB, 390x430)
34.29 KB
34.29 KB JPG
>crazy plot
I would watch the hell out of this.
It would essentially be that scene from Zoolander
File: 1391631388966.jpg (393.42 KB, 1999x1957)
393.42 KB
393.42 KB JPG
i'd fund it
File: imouto anime.png (97.03 KB, 1999x1957)
97.03 KB
97.03 KB PNG
MC has a shitty life and no friends until he meets a little girl. He becomes friends with her and everything is happy. They start to fall in love even though he's around 17 or something, and then she dies tragically at the end.
A new idol show, now with more fanservice than Seikon no Qwaser and the best music and biggest names in voice acting you can find. The animation might be a bit lacking though (except for the fanservice bits, I guess the concerts can be that horrid CG shit they like to use so much, it prints money anyway).
>bad ending
Get back to your 3x3 thread deepfag.
You're pulling my heart strings.
File: 1391382945229.jpg (91.27 KB, 600x598)
91.27 KB
91.27 KB JPG
My dick would explode, I can only take so much ass.

>and then she dies tragically at the end.

because her insides got wrecked by his gigantic penis, right?
File: high budget.png (44.95 KB, 1999x1957)
44.95 KB
44.95 KB PNG
Does this show exist?
Only in an alternate universe.
Story: 10
Character: 10
SFX: 4
Music: 8
Art: 8
Voice Acting: 5
Service: 0

Yeah, it's called Boku no Pico.
File: 1391631388966.png (39.37 KB, 1999x1957)
39.37 KB
39.37 KB PNG
Who needs music? Though music does add to ambiance, I don't think I need an amazing ost or anything at all. Worst OP and ED of the season though.
File: 1391631388966.png (97.27 KB, 1999x1957)
97.27 KB
97.27 KB PNG
An episodic hentai series with famous seiyuu and famous artists doing the design of each episode.

Japan will throw moeny at it.
>max voice acting in hentai
So it would be high quality moans and screams?
What do you need those SFX for in hentai?
File: 3deep5me.png (39.45 KB, 1999x1957)
39.45 KB
39.45 KB PNG
This would be some Shaft-style slice of life but with a twist (imagine Hidamari Sketch made for people who liked Lain or Darker than Black) where cute girls act weird but cute and a lot of style changes. The different colors represent the different audiences I have in mind.

Fate/Zero, Madoka Magica
Squishing and blowjob noises.
You don't know how many otaku would buy it only for the female seiyuus.

I had to place the remaining point somewhere. Music is useless, and story is 1 for an episodic series.
File: okay.png (39.05 KB, 1999x1957)
39.05 KB
39.05 KB PNG
You can't stop me.
Would watch and enjoy.

Cowboy Bebop?
Except for Gin no Saji.

What the fuck, I should definitely read more manga.

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