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File: FGRN02.png (704.53 KB, 800x600)
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Best key girl.
File: Kud_is_olev.jpg (128.90 KB, 799x597)
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Kud is olev
I love you Kud.
I love you.
File: 1390950840422.jpg (22.27 KB, 538x404)
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>You will never have a wife like Nagisa
File: key00.jpg (32.47 KB, 400x400)
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Best Key girl.
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Inoue route when?
what are these threads even about

they are always full of the same DAL pictures and posts, don't you cunts ever get bored?
File: -chibinon-1177034.jpg (295.19 KB, 534x658)
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After Inoue meets the LB route.
You underestimate the power of autism.
File: Toplel.png (119.10 KB, 339x373)
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He probably doesn't even have autism.
File: masatogoodbye.gif (2.93 MB, 240x140)
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2.93 MB GIF
I finished angel beats, and I want more. I feel like I can be properly hyped up for the VN now.

Also, I think I might have a mancrush on Naoi.
File: 1380648366386.jpg (34.98 KB, 680x510)
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File: 1365390466324.jpg (264.81 KB, 1102x1000)
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That just made me cringe, it was so bad. Doesn't capture the VN scene at all.
File: Depressed.png (339.19 KB, 538x513)
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It hurts, when can we just stock it away as non existant, when.
File: 1365390150984.jpg (384.10 KB, 647x795)
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I already have. That's why I stopped around episode 8 or so. I couldn't bare to finish the second season.
Oh look, it's this thread again. OH LOOK, it even has the same posts and replies from the thread 3 weeks ago.

What the fuck?

Seriously, what's wrong with you people.
File: 063_36518856.jpg (333.55 KB, 819x1280)
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But these pictures are not DAL pictures
This is a DAL picture

File: etoh.jpg (75.27 KB, 216x300)
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I really really wish i did that, i went through the whole thing.

but yoshino is best DAL
So let me get this straight. Kyousuke kept repeating time until Riki became stronger right? So basically, Kud got imprisoned and raped multiple times knowingly and willingly in order for Riki to become stronger?

Isn't that a bit slutty?
File: 1369283020166.jpg (298.86 KB, 1500x1461)
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I like them all except one, I bet you can guess
>implying she got imprisoned in any route but her own
>implying she got raped at all
>implying implications
File: uwah.jpg (81.26 KB, 268x300)
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81.26 KB JPG
we probably share the same dislike. i can't blame you.
>implying history revolves around who Riki chose
>implying the Little Busters wouldn't make the same decision and tell her to leave
>implying that the males who have a grudge against Kud, committed heinous crimes, and just stripped naked an adorable high school student in her prime mating phase, wouldn't pound that pussy black and blue
>implying you aren't delusional
File: kurugayarape.png (210.02 KB, 639x359)
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210.02 KB PNG
>you will never call Kurugaya "Onee-san" and beg her to stop teasing you

Why is life even worth living?
>implying history revolves around who Riki chose
It's literally an imaginary world revolving around him

Are you retarded? Do you recall her leaving in the other routes? Did you ever hear the news of the uprising in Mios route? Was she gone in Rins?
>You will never explode while playing baseball

It's not worth living ;_;

He's trying hard to be an epic trolle stop trying to convince him otherwise.
Thank goodness, you would probably be a bigger shit head than Tomoya or whatever the fuck that losers name is.
File: 1390230314623.png (963.59 KB, 1000x1000)
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963.59 KB PNG
Wouldn't you want to call her Anego?
File: 456678799.jpg (123.79 KB, 640x360)
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Shiori a love
special edition
File: turning back time kud.jpg (143.96 KB, 806x1816)
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143.96 KB JPG
>It's literally an imaginary world revolving around him.
All kyousuke is doing is turning back time and directly manipulating experiences for Riki that he is able to do. Was kyousuke the cause of the rocket failing? Obviously no. Thats out of his control and is going to happen.

All these events have already happened before the bus crash. Depending on the path Riki himself takes controls what things Riki will experience.

>Do you recall her leaving in the other routes?
Kud remembers being imprisoned before she became imprisoned again. So yes, we can honestly say that she did indeed leave during the other routes. She left, and she got imprisoned again.

In addition, you are implying that Riki only went into Kud's route once. Kyousuke has stated that he rewound the world multiple times, so there were times Riki failed in Kud's route. Hell, Riki probably redid Kud's route for 80% of the recursions if he actually has taste.
File: kurugayabythetrees.jpg (110.85 KB, 1280x720)
110.85 KB
110.85 KB JPG

Anego is so impersonal. I want her to be my smug, teasing onee-san.
File: Bullshit.png (695.62 KB, 1382x770)
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695.62 KB PNG
Not him obviously, but you're gonna need screens from the VN to back your claim. No one considers the anime to be a source on anything, unless you want to claim that Riki and Kud also performed her ritual together while he was out late on night getting a coke. That scene was another example of JC "foreshadowing" for the anime only crowd. In other words, inserting scenes that never happened to help them piece together what is wrong in the dream world. Don't waste any time looking through the VN to back up what you're saying because you won't find it in there.

There is zero evidence to show that each girl had to relieve her personal trauma more than once in the dream world. The only thing supporting Kud possibly getting raped is that she ends up naked in the cave, but that's it. It isn't implied beyond that.

She'll do that no matter what you call her, anon.
It's also canceled out entirely by the official manga from kuds perspective.

She'll bully you no matter what you're fine on both counts.

Yeah, but I want her to bully my dick.
File: 36919946_m.png (363.65 KB, 429x600)
363.65 KB
363.65 KB PNG
Better put that skirt on.
File: feelseffeminateman.jpg (116.96 KB, 640x640)
116.96 KB
116.96 KB JPG

>tfw you'd never look good enough as a girl for onee-san to want tease you in a lewd and sensual manner

Being tall and broadly built is a fucking curse, I tell you.
>There is zero evidence to show that each girl had to relieve her personal trauma more than once in the dream world.
I've explained this before. These events all happened prior to the bus crash. All the cast has already lived through their hardships without Riki's help in the real world. Kyousuke has merely created a closed imaginary space where he turns back time and experiments with different events to make Riki stronger. None of the cast knew Riki before the bus crash. Since these events happen in Kyousuke's world, they must have happened in the real world (without Riki's help); since Kyousuke is merely turning back time.

This is of course under the condition that everything in that world wasn't made up in the first place (Mio disappearing, Kud's imprisonment, Komari's memories, Yuiko's isolation, Haruka's family problems, etc.) However if that is the case, that would make each character a fake. A mere actor reading a script and playing a part with no connection to them. A lie.

However, you must also consider that these events have affected them (like Kud). She was brought to tears remembering one of her past experiences. So you could almost call these experiences "real" to them, even though it didn't happen in the real world.

tl; dr
These events came to pass multiple times fake or not, whether Kyousuke is a God of the imaginary world or is merely turning back time.

>The only thing supporting Kud possibly getting raped is that she ends up naked in the cave, but that's it.
I'm just basing my judgment on the circumstantial evidence presented before me. Much like how you can't say she wasn't raped, I can't say she was raped. Neither of us have solid proof for either sides of the argument. But the scales seem tipped toward Kud being sexually assaulted after carefully analyzing the people involved, events that took place, and the visual evidence presented.
You're an idiot pulling shit out of your ass

I am just looking to discuss why or why not you/anyone think that Kud was raped or not. The VN and the anime were horribly vague which forces me, and many others, to examine the scenes and come up with an answer ourselves.

Why does it matter? Because I like Kud and being the average knowledge hungering human being that I am, I want to know everything about her. This is my motivation to pursue discussions on this topic. However no one wishes to discuss it or just blatantly states "implying", "no definite evidence" and such. This does absolutely nothing but waste both of our time since I could say the exact same thing back.

I have brought the main ideas I came up with onto the table. You don't have to reply to them, just state your own reasoning on the topic. I want to know how you and others can think that there is more evidence to imply Kud was not raped compared to Kud being raped. I'm beginning to think people are just scared to explore this topic because they want to keep their idea of their waifu being "pure" in a sense she only had Riki as a partner.

> These events all happened prior to the bus crash.
kud is on the bus because she didn't go prior to the crash, nice 4 paragraphs disproved by your inability to read the VN. stick to anime please mr. secondary.

pretty much

one day VR's will bring you your dreams. keep on anon.
If you can't prove something either way then finding a truth is a moot point and you have to resort to probability. You're the wrong one for thinking that "it can't be proven either way" isn't the correct way to answer the question.
>kud is on the bus because she didn't go prior to the crash
She returned before the bus trip. Check the dates.

I want to find the most reasonable answer. I want to believe that Kud wasn't raped, but I'm not going to delude myself into thinking she for sure wasn't. So I'll search for the most reasonable answer and attain closure and give myself peace. The answer can only increase the affection I have for Kud.

In essence, not pursing the answer and just saying "Kud was raped for people who think Kud was raped. Kud was not raped for people who think she wasn't raped" leaves a bad after taste.
She litteraly didn't go because she was afraid and blames her self for her mothers death because she didn't go, it's in her route. Go play the VN and stop trying so hard to shit post you're only showing that you never read it.

if you REALLY want to get your answer read her manga already it's fully translated and shows her perspective. otherwise you're literally just blindly believing something FOTC made up which is far from the first time.
File: 100030641781.png (1.70 MB, 1500x1700)
1.70 MB
1.70 MB PNG
>She returned before the bus trip. Check the dates.

That isn't what he's referring to. She states in the VN during the cave scene that her being there now may in fact be punishment for her choosing to stay in Japan when the incident happened in real life. It been a couple years since I've read it, but I remember this clearly as it was the first instance in the novel where I realized the girls routes weren't stand alone events, and that something odd was going on. Even if she had gone, it's doubtful she would have been in the condition to go on the field trip after returning.
The point I was trying to raise is that these events did happen before the bus crash. Like you both said, the rocket failed and she had a choice to go or stay. In the real world she chose to stay and therefore was able to go on the bus trip.

I now see the confusion in >>101587128's post. I was referring to the event as a whole (the rocket fail and the choice to stay or go to her mother). Although I'm not quite sure what purpose the post had.

This is what I know
>Kyousuke has created a separate space where he can turn back time. He can only manipulate events that are within his power as a human being. He is not a God.
>Everyone but Rin and Riki are aware of the bus crash and the fake world
>The major events that took place in each route happened in the real world (the heroines have already made their choice in the real world)
>Kyousuke, Rin, Riki, Masato, and Kengo are the only people in the Little Busters. The other heroines are mere acquaintances and don't have strong (if any) bonds with the group.

Given this, it makes the story incredibly confusing. Either Kyousuke is over exaggerating the number of recursions, or everyone is grade A actors and quite masochistic (especially Kud seeing as she willingly gets imprisoned multiple times). In fact, you begin to ask yourself why they hurt themselves when outside of Riki's vision in the first place. Kud knew the world was fake wouldn't matter in the real world, so she could have just camped out somewhere near the school until her "strike back" return home. But I'd rather not argue that.
File: Baby_now.jpg (54.49 KB, 223x253)
54.49 KB
54.49 KB JPG
She ONLY goes with the courage riki gives her in her route, she is too afraid to make the move to go on her own, she is only imprisoned in two ends, kud route bad and good end.

Seriously if you're anime only just read the VN or manga and you'll have your answers. I literally replayed her route a week ago i played kud wafter in dec. and i read the manga again about 2 months ago. i know what i'm telling you.
File: littlesnowbusters.jpg (1.64 MB, 1920x1080)
1.64 MB
1.64 MB JPG
Just checked out the dub to hear some of the voices:

-Riki sounds more like a girl than in the sub
-Kyousuke and Kengo sound way too similar
-Kudo's Russian accent is actually pretty adorable
-Japanese Honorifics in English are cringe inducing
-Kurugaya doesn't sound anywhere near as sexy
-Masato? Greg fucking Ayres. Sunohara voicing LB Sunohara.

The Jap to English adaptation of it isn't all that bad, it's just the voices and the fact that they kept the honorifics.
I just finished the anime yesterday, I completed Kud's route about 2 years ago, and I've been in these threads for about that long too. Seeing the anime has made me remember things I forgot I wanted answered.

I will start the manga tonight and will bring this topic up again in a few days after completion (depending on how long the manga is). From what I've read these in these threads these last few months at least, it seems its still an issue whether Kud was raped or not; even without UTW's troll.

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