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reminder that this is being released this month.
looks good enough for me.

Cancelled my pre-order once I saw that they changed the cover, since I have the German one already with a shitty design.

This one's a lot better then the German one, but I don't need it twice without an original cover.
oh didn't know that. thanks.
I ordered the German one too.
not sure if i'm buying this one.
what's wrong with the German one?
File: 913.jpg (66.93 KB, 380x568)
66.93 KB
66.93 KB JPG
Nothing besides the cover.

The printing itself is pretty high quality.
If I buy all of Isano's stuff in the US, Punpun will be brought over, RIGHT?
Hahaha, over here is already finished.
But I don't have the fuckiing money to buy it.
french I assume?
as my German is "ok"
do you think I would have to look at the English version online to understand it all?
Asano even came last year at a con in Lucca. And I wasn't there because I'm poor. Fuck.
I don't think so.
You can try, there's an extract online.

That happens so commonly though.
I have US versions of Solanin and Subarashi Sekai which have different covers for no real reason.

I think some publishers keep the rights of the contents and cover separate.
Not him but I don't even know what "ausgabe" means. In 13 years of school I've never studied german. I'm stupid. Not because I can't read Asano but because I've wasted all that time.
>I think some publishers keep the rights of the contents and cover separate
I can confirm this. Not only the covers but also the kind of edition and it also be a lot of other little stuff. Some authors/editors are real bitches.
well I'm reading Punpun in German and that's perfectly fine.
studied it for 5 years and speak Dutch
they aren't that different so it's quite easy
read the pages and it's not that hard.
out of the 30 pages there was only 1 word that I had to guess from the context.
Had it marked on the calendar. Not too happy with the cover change, but I'll still support it because it's Asano.

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