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Does he even care about the black organization any more?

Everyone except like 2 people knows who he really is now.
The author sure doesn't. Also, I think the 500th episode is next week. Jesus.
So far it's just Agasa, Ai and Heiji.
Eh, it's just a pulp fiction show. Plot is a pretense.

It'd be a great ending if they just had him stop giving a shit.
I do, because Gin is a badass motherfucker.

Personally I'd like to see Conan take them out with KID.
>500th episode
holy fuck

that's a new record
Wait, Ran wasn't actually ever his girlfriend, right?

I'm going to laugh so hard when she moves on and Conan is all "wut".

>Does he even care about the black organization any more?
Once every 100 chapters, yes.

What a shame, though. I do enjoy how I can drop in Detective Conan and get out anytime, like with Ah! My Goddess. However, a serial based on one huge investigation on the Black Organization would have been just plain awesome. Add to that more focus on the romance with Ran and Detective Conan would be a story I'd definitely hold close to my heart.
Are they still in Namek?
>>10157848 when she moves on

The bitch has infinite patience.

What's the episode about?
Um no. No it isn't.
Shinichi's been pulling "I'm working in a case!" for how much in-universe time so far?

If we assume that one case equals one day, then about... nine billion years.
>when she moves on
Haha, not gonna happen. "I think it's nice to wait for someone, since the longer you wait, the happier you'll be when he finally arrives."
It'd be cool if the thing ends with an allstar-teamup. Even the European faggot could join up.

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