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File: VinlandSaga41_0001.png (575 KB, 1110x1600)
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Sup /a/. Just wanted to check: there wouldn't happen to be some kind-hearted Anonymous out there who's like Jesus and the Giving Tree put together, cleaning this shit up, right? I just wanted to make sure before I go on and maybe end up making an ass out of myself when some cleaned chapter comes up when I'm halfway through it.
Nobody has any idea? ;_;
Posting in a former sticky.
Best of luck, Spore!
What the? Mod-guy, I appreciate the thought and all, but this doesn't really deserve a sticky.
Just do it.
Somebody help the guy out.
File: 1205201282716.jpg (68 KB, 579x904)
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Ooh, caring mods. Yay. I would like to know too, in the case that I decide to go and touch up stuff over my newfound spring break.
File: 1205201293195.gif (479 KB, 426x267)
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Yeah, sticky your own stupid post about lame NarutoxBerserk ripoff in Vikingland.
I was just checking because I'd noticed the link for the raw had been posted on /a/ while I was asleep, so I just posted this on the off chance that someone was working on cleaning it up and had said it in the thread.
Q: does it actually need a cleaning? I'm not reading it but it's my impression that when the volumes come out they're rescanned from a quality source, as opposed to the shitty magazine print.
That's how scanlations usually work. I know this one has a few volumes in print in Japan. I assume they have been, or are already scanned.
In other words, there's no point in cleaning speed raws.
File: 1205201477432.png (39 KB, 1292x278)
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This is what it looked like to me at the time. Sneaky moderators...
File: 1205201481177.jpg (100 KB, 310x334)
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If I was a mod I'd probably be booted within five minutes for deleting all the Naruto/Bleach threads for no reason other than their OP pics, but I appreciate the thought. <3
Mmmm... well, I'm faaar too lazy to go back and do them again once the volume scans come out, although I guess mangascreener might do them once they get there, which (no offense) should be somewhere around mid-2009 to 2010.

I don't like putting out shit when I'm capable of doing better, no matter how miniscule the improvement is - as long as it doesn't take an inordinate amount of time to do so. If nobody takes me up on this I'll do it myself anyway, but I remembered some people offering to help me in past threads and I was just fishing around in case.

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